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How to Get and Upgrade the Omega Skin in Fortnite

Omega Skin in Fortnite
Omega Skin in Fortnite

Here’s how to unlock and upgrade the Omega skin and Omega pickaxe in Fortnite Season 4.

Fortnite Season 4 is well underway, with new sets of Battle Pass challenges to complete each week and new rewards to obtain. Among the various customizations players can unlock are two brand new outfits that are rewarded for leveling up in Season 4. One of these outfits is the coveted Omega skin, which fits perfectly with Fortnite’s new superhero-themed content. Players can unlock and upgrade the Omega skin as they rank up throughout the season. We’ll go over how to get the Omega skin and matching pickaxe in Fortnite and how to upgrade the Omega armor set so you can unleash your true superhero potential during Fortnite Battle Royale.

How to Get the Omega Skin 

Getting the Omega skin is not quite as easy as the Carbide skin, as it requires a bit of grinding. Before you can earn any of these rewards, you must first purchase the Season 4 Battle Pass for at least 950 V-Bucks. Doing so will unlock the Tier 1 Carbide skin, but you’ll have to work a bit before you can get the Omega skin. 

The base version of the Omega skin is awarded for reaching Tier 100 in Fortnite, which is a nice reward for players who have invested their time into completing challenges and leveling up their Battle Pass. However, for those who wish to skip the grind, there’s also the option to purchase extra Battle Pass tiers in bulk to skip ahead in levels. 

How to Upgrade the Omega Armor Set 

Once you have reached Tier 100 and unlock the Omega outfit, you can begin working toward upgrading the Omega outfit by increasing your Season Level and completing Omega skin challenges. Skin challenges are new types of challenges that were introduced at the start of Season 4 in Fortnite. These challenges are more like milestone rewards, as they reward players with skin upgrades for reaching certain levels throughout the season. 

Omega Challenges
Omega Challenges

Like the Carbide Challenges, the Omega Challenges reward players with upgraded pieces of the Omega armor set in Fortnite for reaching specific Season Level milestones. It’s important to note that your Season Level is different from your Battle Pass rank. Your BP rank unlocks the base Omega skin, while your Season Level unlocks the Omega upgrades.

Players must complete all five Omega Challenges and reach Season Level 80 if they want to rock the full Omega Armor set in Fortnite. Completing three of the Omega Challenges by reaching level 45 will also unlock the matching Omega Pickaxe.

Omega Upgrade Armor Challenges 

Omega ChallengeReward/Upgrade
Reach Season Level 25Omega Chest Armor
Reach Season Level 35Omega Leg Armor
Reach Season Level 45Omega Arm Armor
Reach Season Level 55Omega Helmet
Reach Season Level 80Omega Upper Body Armor

Reaching Tier 100 in Fortnite is no easy feat. One of the best ways to level up in Fortnite is by completing the Season 4 weekly challenges, which include dancing in front of film cameras or collecting letters at different letter locations to spell out ‘Fortnite’.

Completing weekly challenges will also count toward the new Blockbuster Challenges, which offer free Battle Stars for those who make an effort to finish all the challenges in a given week.

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