A Complete Fortnite Season 9 Overtime Challenges and Rewards Guide

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The 10 weeks of season nine in Fortnite are up but that doesn’t mean that it’s over just yet. Epic Games is still doling out challenges for players to complete this week, in addition to any remaining challenges you might have from previous weeks. Similar to season seven, Fortnite: Battle Royale is offering up overtime challenges and completing them will earn you some unique rewards.

Fortnite season 9 overtime challenges

Fortnite overtime challenges are given in-between seasons to keep players occupied until the start of the next season. The full list of overtime challenges leaked and we decided to get a head start by putting together a guide for them. According to HYPEX on Twitter, there are nine main challenges in total. Although you won’t earn a free battle pass for completing these challenges as we’ve seen in the past, the rewards offered are still definitely worth getting.

  • Work together with friends to get 25 eliminations
  • Deal 2,500 damage with shotguns
  • Visit Loot Lake, Polar Peak, and Pressure Plant in the same match
  • Revive a friend in three different matches
  • Deal 2,500 damage with assault rifles
  • Dance inside a holographic Durr Burger head
  • Place in the top 15 in duos or squads with a friend
  • Deal 2,500 damage with SMGs
  • Score a goal on an indoor soccer pitch

As you can see, the majority of these challenges are pretty standard, asking players to deal damage and get some kills. What makes the overtime challenges interesting, though, is that most of these are built around working together as a team. As such, we highly recommend you use the Party Assist feature which allows your teammates to complete these challenges with you. Because of this, you’ll want to do the majority of these challenges in the big team mode like Team Rumble.

Get 25 eliminations

Reward: 2,500 experience

For this first challenge, you have to work together with friends to get 25 kills. Connect with your in-game friends since you’re going to need them for this challenge and many others. Turn on Party Assist for this challenge by heading to the challenges tab, clicking on the specific challenge you want, and turning the feature on. Note that you can only have Party Assist on for one challenge at a time so be sure to switch to another once you’ve completed this one.

25 kills can seem like a lot but this is why you should complete this challenge in Team Rumble. That mode respawns you so you can get kill after kill. With a solid squad of teammates, you can get this challenge done in a few matches.

Deal damage with shotguns

Reward: 2,500 experience

This challenge tasks you with dealing damage with shotguns. Pretty self-explanatory, right? Since you’re going to already be killing enemies, you might as well use certain weapons to do so. For this challenge, you must deal at least 2,500 damage using shotguns. These can be combat shotguns, tactical shotguns, and so on as long as the name says it’s a shotgun. We recommend you use Party Assist for this challenge, too, if you can and be sure to do it in Team Rumble.

Visit Loot Lake, Polar Peak, and Pressure Plant

Reward: Loading screen

The third challenge on the list requires you to visit three locations within the same match. Unfortunately, Loot Lake, Polar Peak, and Pressure Plant are all very far away from one another. To make this possible, you will want to do this challenge in the Team Rumble mode where you have an ample amount of time. You will want to land at Polar Peak first since it has the ski resorts nearby with tons of hoverboards.

Grab a hoverboard and make your way to the slipstream. The slipstream is going to be your best friend when it comes to completing this challenge as it can send you places fast. From Polar Peak, you will want to use the slipstream to go north to Loot Lake and visit it. After that, you will want to head east on the slipstream to get as close as possible to Pressure Plant and ride the rest of the way there.

Revive a friend

Reward: 5,000 experience

This is a challenge that you can complete as you go about doing the others. Fighting other enemies alongside your teammates mean that you will inevitably see your friends get shot down at some point. When this happens, revive them like you normally would. The catch is that you have to do this once in three different matches.

Deal damage with assault rifles

Reward: 5,000 experience

Just like the shotgun challenge, you’ll also have to deal damage with an assault rifle. Complete this in Team Rumble mode since these matches can go on for a while and you can get the 2,500 damage in a single match, or close to that amount at least. Assault rifles are easy enough to find just lying around the ground but be sure to not run out of ammo as the match drags on.

Dance inside a holographic Durr Burger head

Reward: World Cup loading screen

This particular challenge is a callback to a challenge earlier this season that required players to find this holographic Durr Burger head. Thankfully, it isn’t too hard to discover as it is easily found atop a large skyscraper in Neo Tilted. Head to or land close to the roof of the building, making sure you grab some materials. You will need to build yourself a ramp up to the holographic Durr Burger head to make sure that you are inside of it. Once you’re inside of it, be sure to do your favorite dance move so you can complete this challenge.

Place in the top 15

Reward: 10,000 experience

This is the only challenge on this list that we don’t recommend you complete in Team Rumble since the challenge requires you to do duos or squads. Your best bet is to do it in squads but make sure to have a friend with you for this challenge. Head to your friends list and invite or join someone’s game. From there, all you need to do is survive long enough to make it to the top 15.

This can be done by finding a safe corner of the next circle and camping out there until the other players die. People drop quickly in battle royale these days so making it to the top 15 isn’t too hard. Or, if you’d rather go in guns blazing, be sure to land at an unpopular location like Snobby Shores or Junk Junction and stocking up on supplies before taking out enemies.

Deal damage with SMGs

Reward: 10,000 experience

Like the other two “deal damage” challenges, this one requires you to deal 2,500 damage but with an SMG weapon. This could be any of the SMGs including the Burst SMG so be sure to grab one of those from a chest or inside a building. If you don’t have any other challenges to complete, you can do this one fast by turning on Party Assist and having your friends deal damage with SMGs, too.

Score a goal on the soccer pitch

Reward: loading screen

This final challenge can be done around the same time as you dance inside the holographic Durr Burger head. Directly west of Neo Tilted is a small warehouse area that is unnamed. Inside the large warehouse is an indoor soccer field that you can visit. Head inside and find the soccer ball in the middle of the field. Pick either side of the field and start moving your character towards the ball. This will cause the ball to kick towards that direction. Continue “kicking” it this way until you reach the goal on that side and make sure it goes through to score a goal. Your friends can complete this with you as the soccer ball quickly resets to its original position a few seconds after a goal is made.

Fortnite season 9 overtime challenges rewards

Beyond the usual rewards you will get for each challenge above, there are some other rewards you will receive for completing a certain number of these challenges.

If you are at Battle Pass tier 23 and complete three of these challenges, you will receive a new skin style for the Bunker Jonesy skin. If you have reached tier 71 and complete six of these overtime challenges, you will also receive a skin style for the Stratus skin. Last but not least, if you are tier 87 or higher and complete all nine challenges, you will get a new skin style for Demi. For completing all nine challenges, you will also get an additional 15,000 experience.

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