A Professional Chef Really Hated Apex Legends’ Pork Chop Recipe

With Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment set out to make a battle royale with roots in Titanfall’s universe and FPS gameplay. What Respawn didn’t do was double check the math on a glazed pork chop recipe included in the game’s lore. Andrew Rea, the host of popular YouTube cooking show Binging with Babish, follows the recipe to the letter in his latest video—and it starts to look like a bad idea as soon as the cinnamon goes in.

The pork chop recipe, which made its way into Apex Legends’ third season by way of Mirage (y’know, the character who goes on and on about pork chops), is measured in metric. That’d be fine and good if it Respawn writer Manny Hagopian hadn’t flubbed the conversion, which is why the in-game recipe calls for 15 grams of cinnamon and ground cloves, each.

“Glazes should never look like pastes,” says Rea as he whisks the cinnamon and cloves into the wet ingredients. Even on the generously sized bone-in pork chops Rea prepares, there’s no way any amount of that concoction will work well as a glaze. “As predicted, this is unpalatable,” Rea concludes.

Thankfully, Hagopian released a revised version of the recipe shortly after Apex players discovered it. Rea also prepares this version (less spice, plus a splash of pineapple juice) and finds it much better, if a tad too sweet. Then, as is the norm on Binging with Babish, Rea presents his own spin on Mirage’s pork chops.

Binging with Babish has tackled lots of other video game delicacies, from Kingdom Hearts’ iconic sea salt ice cream to the campfire-cooked meals of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

If you’re eager to hop into some Apex Legends, you’ve still got a week to try the limited Shadowfall mode and USG’s Apex Legends guide section can help you roll with Season 3’s changes. If, on the other hand, you’re getting a little hungry at the thought of Mirage’s pork chops, all we can do is wish you luck and remind you not to dump in the spices.

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