A Speedrunner Has The Outer Worlds Down to Half an Hour

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Good on you if you’re still traipsing around Edgewater and soaking up all that The Outer Worlds has to offer, but just know that if speedrunning Obsidian’s new RPG is your aim, the bar’s been set pretty high. Prolific speedrunner Jabo has already logged a run of The Outer Worlds in 30 minutes, 54 seconds.

The run, which may currently be the Any% world record for The Outer Worlds on PC (rankings have yet to be set up on speedrun.com), is fairly straightforward. For the most part, Jabo’s route is all about knowing exactly where to sprint, who to shoot, and how to skirt past enemies in his path. Obsidian launched The Outer Worlds without many immediately apparent bugs, but that also means that speedrunners have yet to discover any useful glitches for skipping through large chunks of the game.

If you’re still gobsmacked that anyone could beat The Outer Worlds in about half an hour without the aid of major skips, remember that Obsidian designed the game with speedy players in mind. As co-director Tim Cain told USgamer earlier this year, The Outer Worlds features “a bit of a short-circuit” that lets low-level players forge ahead with the main quest line, provided that they know what they’re in for.

In that respect, The Outer Worlds is structured very similarly to Obsidian’s Fallout: New Vegas, a game Jabo has speedrun in under 14 minutes (the record, held by player Sharo, is currently 10 minutes, 32 seconds).

Logging a run so fast and so early is great for The Outer Worlds’ long-term speedrun potential, but don’t let this accomplishment fool you into thinking the game’s super short. There’s plenty to see—and plenty to miss—in your first playthrough of The Outer Worlds if you’re rushing through it.

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Thanks, DualShockers.

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