A Wild Sirfetch’d Appears; Exclusive to Pokemon Sword

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After a few days of healthy speculation over the glitched image of a Pokemon on the Pokemon Sword and Shields website, we finally see the brand new monster in action.

This time the fanbase was right, as the new Pokemon is Sirfetch’d, the Galarian form of the often forgotten generation 1 Pokémon Farfetch’d. This new form is a pure Fighting type over a Normal/Flying type, and sports a leek as a lance and a leaf as a shield to run through enemies with ease.

Outside of it’s typing and ability, Steadfast, little is known about Sirfetch’d stats or moveset. We do also know that Sirfetch’d has a unique move called Meteor Assault where he lowers his leek and launches a charge at an opponent. The move does a lot of damage but also leaves Sirfetch’d unable to take an action the next round. What we do know for sure is that Sirfetch’d is exclusive to Pokemon Sword, so fans looking forward to the galarian form of Farfetch’d need to pick up Sword or find some friends to trade with. Currently, it is unknown which Pokemon will be exclusive to Pokemon Shield, though if it follows the pattern set by GameFreak, it will likely be a Galarian form of some kind.

Sirfetch’d also confirms a long-standing leak that the wild duck Pokemon would make an appearance in the game with a new Galarian form, based on the now confirmed leaks posted back in May on 4chan. In the leak, the anonymous poster revealed the names of several trainers, Dynamxing and Gigantamaxing, and several new Pokémon by name, including Galarian forms such as Sirfetch’d.

As of this time, a few bits from the confirmed leaks have not been publicly announced by The Pokemon Company, such as the Gigantamaxed forms of Pokemon such as Lapras, Pikachu and Meowth, chipmunk-like Pokemon named Skwovet and Greednut, and the final forms of the three starters.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are scheduled for release on November 15th.

What are your thoughts on Sirfetch’d? Looking forward to Pokemon Sword now over Shield? Do you think he should have had a parrying carrot instead of a shield? Leave your comments below. 

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