“Action Taimanin” Mobile Game Will Have No Sex Scenes

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Editor’s Note: While the trailers featured in this article are not pornographic, some viewers may feel the costumes and character designs are risque. Viewer discretion is advised.

The recently announced Action Taimanin (based on the hentai visual novel franchise Taimanin Asagi) will not be utilizing any pornographic content.

More information about the “Near Future Shinobi Battle” game was revealed during TGS 2019.  The 3D action-rpg will feature a group of superhuman anti-demon ninjas (Taimanin) set-up by the Japanese government to fight against demons, dealing with those violating the non-interference treaty between humans and demons.

As noted on 4Gamer, the game will be a “healthy” game that “anyone can play regardless of gender.” Instead of “unhealthy” ninjas (referencing the Taimanin Asagi’s hentai visual novel series), the story will focus on “an angel white demon ninja that doesn’t get caught up in the law.” Even so, the article does note the game “might just be a little sexy.”

The playable taimanin include Igawa Asagi, her sister Ikawa Sakura, and the “next-generation” of taimanin Yukikaze Mizuki. Along with fighting demons, players can interact with them at their secret base, and increase their levels. There is also a diorama mode to pose the characters and take pictures.

Along with missions, the player can seemingly earn more support characters, costumes, and weapons via a gatcha system.

Finally, you can view the game’s latest “trailer” below- featuring the main characters dancing.

Action Taimanin is coming soon to Android and iOS. A western release has not been confirmed at this time.

In recent news, Taimanin Asagi hentai visual novels were slated to be coming to Steam, with the first episode being free. Within weeks however, it was banned from Steam. According to the developer, it was due to Steam being “very strict in judging visuals that may be suspected to be underage.

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