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by Mike on 1 August 2022

Van Richten’s Information to Ravenloft is certainly one of my favourite fifth version D&D books. I feel it is very well put collectively and it packs tons of setting materials for a lot of totally different worlds multi function e-book. You’ll be able to watch my highlight on Van Richten’s Information on the Lazy D&D Discuss Present for a deeper look.

Once I determined to run Wild Past the Witchlight I used to be intrigued by the concept that characters can get by means of the entire journey with out partaking in any fight however I additionally thought — what enjoyable is that?

Then I had an thought. How may I combine within the cool Domains of Dread from Van Richten’s Information into Wild Past the Witchlight? Thus, the concept of Dreadful Incursions tore itself open.

Observe, this text incorporates spoilers for Wild Past the Witchlight.

If you wish to watch a bunch of movies the place I discuss mashing up Dreadful Incursions from Van Richten’s Information to Ravenloft with Wild Past the Witchlight take a look at my Wild Past the Witchlight YouTube Video Playlist.

So how does this concept work within the story of the marketing campaign?

From Wild Past the Witchlight we all know the freezing of Zybilna triggered instability in Prismeer. The land is tearing itself aside, cut up in three lands separated by an uncrossable mist. Sound lots just like the mists of the Domains of Dread!

What if Zybilna’s affect did not simply preserve Prismeer collectively but in addition stored the Domains of Dread at bay? If you already know Zybilna’s true origin, it is sensible that certainly one of her former jobs might need been conserving the Domains of Dread intact and aligned maybe in some historic pact with the Darkish Powers. Together with her disappearance, these worlds get disjointed and begin to bleed into Prismeer.

What Is a Dreadful Incursion

With Zybilna’s inaction, numerous Domains of Dread collide with Prismeer. Once they collide, rifts tear open between these domains and Prismeer. Generally these incursions could be small, a portal opened for only some seconds (say 18 to 24 seconds — three rounds of fight) whereas some horror or horrors crawls out from its world into Prismeer the place the characters should beat it again.

Different incursions could be bigger. A twisted dungeon from Hazlan would possibly bleed into Prismeer, the place arcane runoff and swarms of gremishkas prowl within the shadows. The characters would possibly move by means of the haunted Home of Griffin Hill to make their method by means of a blocked passageway beneath the mountains of Yon.

When the characters journey by means of the mists between the three domains of Prismeer they could stroll by means of or fly over a Area of Dread.

Dreadful incursions give us an opportunity to run enjoyable darkish fight encounters with the flavour of one of many worlds from Van Richten’s Information to Ravenloft. And we will accomplish that guilt free. Our gamers will not really feel like they’re choosing the worst resolution preventing a bunch of zombie plague spreaders.

When including incursions, roll on the “Area of Dread” desk firstly of the “Different Domains of Dread” part in chapter 3 of Van Richten’s Information to Ravenloft to decide on a random area. Use the end result to taste an encounter, a dungeon, or a complete journey; including wealthy particulars to push the imaginations of our gamers.


Objects from these different domains would possibly join a Area of Dread to Prismeer, chaining the 2 collectively, and should be destroyed or modified to interrupt the connection and shut the incursion. This anchor could be an object from the area in query or an object from Prismeer misplaced in a Area of Dread.

You should utilize the “Horror Trinkets” from the top of chapter 1 in Van Richten’s Information to Ravenloft or the “Feywild Trinkets” to start with of Wild Past the Witchlight to select such an merchandise. Take into account including a random highly effective spell to the merchandise the characters can use one time.

Different extra highly effective magic gadgets may also bleed by means of from a Area of Dread into Prismeer. Extra highly effective anchors, everlasting magic gadgets the characters get better, would possibly require a quest to interrupt the connection however one that also lets them preserve their cool loot.

The unicorn horn, an essential key on Wild Past the Witchlight would possibly get misplaced in a website itself, say the nightmare scape Bluetspur the place it rests within the hand of a thoughts flayer vampire with little understanding of this unusual object.

A Darkish Lord Sees an Escape

To take issues additional, one of many dread lords of a Area of Dread might turn into conscious of those incursions and search it to flee their torment. Maybe Vladeska Drakov of Falkovnia turns into conscious of the incursions and plots her escape, sending her blood raven knights into Prismeer to discover a steady incursion so she will be able to escape the torment of her zombie-infested lands. Ultimately, the characters would possibly face her on the very throne of Zybilna the place the darkish lord of Falkovnia almost turns all of Prismeer into a brand new Area of Dread.

A Distinction Dial of Gentle and Darkish

The whimsy and surprise of Wild Past the Witchlight is joyous to behold. Including the Domains of Dread from Van Richten’s Information to Ravenloft creates a beautiful distinction. On one facet you will have bullywugs in frocks and prime hats rowing small boats in a peaceful pond saying “good day to you superb people”. On the opposite you will have the howling winds of Klorr the place a lifeless world tears itself aside. Including Domains of Dread to Wild Past the Witchlght creates a enjoyable juxtaposition and an effective way to shake up the ambiance of each corners of the multiverse.

You even have nice management over how such incursions have an effect on the theme of your marketing campaign. You resolve if and when to drop in an incursion into Prismeer. You resolve if it is a huge incursion or a small one. You resolve whether or not the darkness is too darkish for the whimsy and surprise of Witchlight and switch it off. You resolve if you wish to add a brand new arch villain making their method into the lands of Prismeer. You resolve how exhausting and the way typically to collide the Domains of Dread with Prismeer. It is a fantastic dial to have on the marketing campaign.

If you wish to add a enjoyable combat-filled distinction of horror and dread to the whimsy and surprise of Wild Past the Witchlight, give Dread Incursions a strive.

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