Adobe’s Photoshop Camera is now available for Android as an early preview

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Adobe Photoshop is a powerful tool used all over the world to allow users to add some creativity to their photos. Now, you can infuse your photos with the magic of Photoshop with your phone. As we previously reported, Adobe is making a camera app that will use Snapchat-like lenses and filters to bring an extra creative flair to your photos. Today, the folks over at XDA have found that a functioning preview build of the app is available for download and use.

There are a few caveats for using the app, however. Firstly, you’ll have to sideload the APK as it’s not in the Play Store yet. Secondly, your phone will need to be running Android 9 or higher, and even then, it may not run properly — again, it’s a sideloaded preview. However, I was able to download and get it working on my Pixel 4 XL. All in all, it runs well.

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Once installed and signed in, you’re presented with a walkthrough of the app’s features, then you are ready to start shooting. The viewfinder is clean with a shutter button and filters along the bottom to choose from; some are pre-loaded with others available for download. Once you have chosen a filter, you can swipe on the screen to see other variations of that filter.

The only hiccups I experienced, in my short time using the Photoshop Camera app, was that there was some jitter in the viewfinder with the live filter preview. After taking the photo, processing was relatively slow. After the photo is processed, you can view it in the apps gallery and even adjust the characteristics of the filter.

Overall, it seems like it will be a fun app for shutterbugs and will make for some interesting social media posts.

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