After the Netflix show, the Witcher games hit their highest player counts in years

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The Witcher has finally hit Netflix, and Henry Cavill’s Geralt has reawakened Witcher mania. Players are returning to CD Projekt’s RPG trilogy in droves, and all three Witcher games are reaching player count highs that they haven’t hit in years. The Witcher review scores are all over the place right now, but it looks like the show has stoked the fandom’s flames.

The Witcher 3 hit a peak of 49,466 players over the weekend, as SteamDB shows. That’s the game’s highest peak since the Blood and Wine DLC debuted in May 2016, and the second-highest peak since The Witcher 3 originally launched in May 2015. A report from PlayTracker estimates that one million players total have hopped into the open-world RPG this month. Maybe all the current players are making use of the Witcher 3 mod for Henry Cavill’s face.

The first two games have also hit big highs in the wake of the show though not to the same degree as the beloved third entry. The first Witcher game hit a peak of 5,623 players – the highest since 2015 – and the Witcher 2 has reached a peak of 3,302 – the biggest count since 2017.

Maybe Cavill’s assertion that PC is the best platform also helped inflate the Steam counts.

The Witcher 3 is one of the best RPG games out there, and it’s currently on a deep discount as part of the Steam winter sale. New and longtime Witcher fans alike have a terrific excuse to dump hundreds of hours into the grim fantasy trilogy.

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