All of the Temtem starters you may start your journey with

Temtem starters present your first choice headache if you boot up the sport. There are three to select from, however you may solely choose one to affix your journey throughout the Airborne Archipelago. You possibly can’t go capturing Temtems with out one to weaken them, after all.

If this all sounds acquainted, that’s as a result of it’s very Pokemon-like, which Temtem takes a couple of cues from. Crema’s monster-capturing MMO whisks you away to an airborne land and duties you with capturing and coaching creatures to compete in fights and earn health club badges. There are few PC games like Pokemon, however this may increasingly show to be the closest to the actual factor as we’ll get.

There are many elements you need to take into account when selecting your Temtem starter, corresponding to their strengths and weaknesses, and the way that fares in opposition to the primary few health club leaders you come throughout. Or, if you happen to’re like us, choose which one seems to be the nicest. On that word, listed here are all of the Temtem starters you may kick off your journey with.

Temtem starters

The Temtem starters are:


  • Kind: Crystal
  • Weak in opposition to: Hearth, Earth, and Melee
  • Robust in opposition to: Electrical and Psychological

This crystalised creature is the tank of the three and excels in well being and defence. It received’t evolve till it’s degree 30, although, which places it one degree behind the opposite two.


  • Kind: Melee
  • Weak in opposition to: Psychological and Digital
  • Robust in opposition to: Earth and Crystal

This fighty chimp is the alternative of Crystle in that it’s swift and robust in bodily harm, however mild on well being and defence. It’s the Melee kind so it’s robust in opposition to Crystal, too.

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  • Kind: Psychological
  • Weak in opposition to: Electrical, Digital, and Crystal
  • Robust in opposition to: Impartial and Melee

In the event you’re conversant in Pokemon, the Psychological-type is kind of just like Physic in fashion and performance. The levitating Houchic embodies that and is especially robust in particular assaults.

And there you go, that’s your choose of Temtem starters. There isn’t a launch date simply but, however the Temtem early access kicks off on Steam January 21, 2020 – so that you can provide it a go then to see if this seems to be like your sort of factor.

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