AMD’s RX 5500 graphics cards are coming in three different flavours


There are three different versions of the AMD Navi 14 desktop GPU in the pipeline, according to a recent Linux driver patch. The patch adds in peak clock figures for both mobile and desktop versions of the Navi 14 GPU, though what Linux refers to as ‘peak clock’ AMD is now classing as ‘Game Clock.’

The Navi 14 chip is going to be the beating silicon heart of the AMD RX 5500 series of graphics cards, but we had assumed there would only be two different GPUs in the range – an RX 5500 and an RX 5500 XT. Both have appeared in GPU listings from AMD’s graphics card partners, with no mention of a third option… which could mean that Navi 14 is also going to be fitted into an RX 5300 form too.

The other interesting thing is that the way the chips are designated seems to suggest that despite the full Navi 14 GPU seemingly containing 24 compute units and a potential 1,536 RDNA cores, the top-end RX 5500 XT might actually just have the 22 CUs AMD has previously listed for the RX 5500-series.


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