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mong Us is a game of deceit, survival, and task completion. The majority of players in a given match will be focused on repairing sections of the map by completing objectives in order to escape. But 1-3 other players will be an impostor, a role that requires the player(s) in question to sabotage and eliminate their crewmates. These impostors look identical to everyone else, so they will need to maintain their cover if they want to win the game.

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Don’t Stand Out In Among Us

An impostor player who stands apart will undoubtedly stir doubt. So as opposed to meandering around clearly following expected casualties, impostor players are prescribed to seem as though they are finishing assignments. Travel to and remain by PCs, the motor, and so on. Other crew mates will accomplish something comparative, so dislike an impostor will be troubled by cooperating. In any case, professing to finish errands will simply make it that a lot harder for the crew mates to recognize the player as an impostor.

Another significant part of not looking dubious is to participate in the conversation when a dead body is found. In that short conversation period before the removal vote, the impostor needs to act like they are another crew mate who is attempting to dominate the match like every other person.

While an impostor could lie and accuse an honest crew mate, this isn’t exhorted since the crew mates in general were likely spread everywhere. This implies any crew mate the impostor faults might have a plausible excuse if another crew mate happened to be in a similar zone as them. Also, remaining totally quiet is just going to cause only doubt. This implies the impostor’s best conversation strategy is to act confused. Pose inquiries, take a stab at figuring out who was the place, and so on. Furthermore, when the gathering thinks they know who the impostor is? Concur with them. Regardless of whether it is another impostor. Attempting to demonstrate in any case will just make the other impostor player stick out.

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Sabotage And Shut Doors In Among Us

Not looking dubious is just fine, yet impostors despite everything need to discover the chance to slaughter others. This implies drawing out their time on the guide so they can’t leave and effectively setting up obstructions that will empower impostors to kill all the more without any problem.

By and by, this implies undermining at whatever point conceivable and stopping entryways before murdering somebody. These will give an impostor a few chances to off one of their objectives with a higher possibility of not getting captured. Taking out the lights, specifically, can be utilized to incredible impact if there just a couple of players left to dispense with. Likewise, something as basic as closing the entryway before killing an adversary will permit an impostor player an extra couple of moments to make an expedient getaway in the event that they have to.

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Avoid Being Seen In Among Us

This ought to appear glaringly evident, yet an impostor needs to abstain from being seen when they are creeping around executing individuals. One way impostor players frequently get captured is by being seen executing. Yet, they are not seen by a close by player. Rather, they are seen murdering on a surveillance camera. It’s a little thing to miss and is barely noticeable, however there are cameras dispersed all through the guide. On the off chance that one is blazing red, that implies somebody is watching the feed from the security room. So consistently make certain to check the camera’s status before taking out another player.

Similarly as significant is to never be seen utilizing the vent framework. Ever. Going by vent is an impostor-just capacity, which implies on the off chance that an impostor player is seen utilizing it, at that point they pretty much just surrendered their personality. So it is exhorted impostors abstain from utilizing the vents again and again—particularly at the start of a match when there are more players around.

Truth be told, a few players may just need to utilize the vents for brisk escapes in the wake of submitting a homicide. Getting captured close to the body will just appear to be dubious all things considered, so going somewhere that isn’t the area of the wrongdoing appears to be sensible. Simply make certain to exit into a room where nobody is available. Abstain from utilizing the vent framework to enter a high-traffic or open zones like the bistro or the organization room. Likewise, make certain to abstain from utilizing the vent framework to enter zones that have a functioning camera in them.


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