Animal Crossing-Like Garden Story Being Published By Rose City Games and VIZ Media

Indie developer Picogram has announced that they have signed a co-publishing deal with Rose City Games and VIZ Media for its upcoming farming sim Garden Story. It’s possible that you’ve never heard of this game until now. First of all, you might want to check out the story teaser below, which will give you the bird’s eye view of the game.

What is Garden Story?

It’s a cozy farming sim and social adventure game inspired by the best in the genre: Animal CrossingStardew Valley, but also by the early top-down Zelda games. You’ll play as Concord, the newly-appointed village guardian grape, and you’ll help your neighbors and friends restore the Grove to its former glory. A mysterious Rot has set in and seeped into the foundations of your island. You must provide balance caring for the environment, explore new regions, and foster new friendships, solving puzzles and cultivating garden plots.

The Grove has four regions that you can explore to cultivate garden plots. You’ll also gather resources and upgrade tools as you nurture this environment. The mystery of the Rot will require that you solve many puzzles, but also to defend yourself against its corruption. There’s also a library that you can curate, cataloging resources and island lore. You can set your own pace, caring for garden plots by day, then taking the evening off, or just focus on completing favors for your neighbors.

Garden Story is the debut title of solo developer Picogram, based in Portland. You can follow the game on Twitter for more of its gorgeous pixel art. The release date is yet TBD, but the game is confirmed for both PC and Mac. If you’re going to PAX West, you can check the game out at the Seattle Indies Expo. If you like the game concept, you can already wishlist it on Steam.

What do you think of Garden Story? A nice combo of Zelda-like and farming sim? Leave your comments below and tell us your impressions!

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