Another Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update released – here’s what it does

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Following the huge 20GB Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update that arrived just a few days ago, laden with Spec Ops missions, refreshment to the multiplayer mode playlist, and more, developer Infinity Ward has posted some more tweaks for the FPS. Among a few new features and some fixes, the studio has taken away the spawn animations from two of the game’s modes.

In the patch notes, the devs announce that they’re “turning off spawn cameras for Headquarters and Hardpoint,” two Modern Warfare modes that needs players to get up and back into the action as soon as they can after dying. The spawn camera animation can be a little long, so this is likely a welcome change to players in the modes who want to see match momentum stay high.

As well as this, players might be excited to find that the Free-for-All mode has been moved to the Filter menu, and that the devs are “fixing join in-progress for FFA to prevent finding late-progress matches.” That means having to jump into FFA late into an ongoing match is now a thing of the past.

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