Apex Legends Adds Another Use for its Most Pointless Currency

I share a problem with a lot of other Apex Legends players: I’ve got a hole burning in my pocket. It’s not that I have a ton of Apex’s premium currency and nothing to spend it on-it’s the free Legend Tokens, which have only had two very limited uses. Amongst the various improvements in the latest update, Respawn has finally added something else to toss those Tokens at.

As laid out in the new patch notes, this change to Legend Tokens is also an improvement to Apex’s daily challenges. Every day, players get three randomized challenges. They’re great for leveling up the battle pass, but it’s easy to look at a challenge for a character you don’t use and go “nah, I’d rather not.” Now, Legend Tokens can be used to reroll your challenges: the first reroll costs 200, the second is 500, and any further rerolls for that given day costs 1,000.

Apex gives out 600 Legend Tokens every time you level up, and until now they’ve only been for unlocking new characters (12,000 per) or used on special recolored variants of Legendary skins. Those special variants are only available through Apex’s rotating store to owners of the base skin; anecdotally, of the dozen or so Legendary skins I have, I’ve never been lucky enough to have a variant pop up that I can spend my tokens on. On the Apex Legends subreddit, players have regularly bemoaned the lack of outlets for Tokens (or just shown off how much they’ve played).

Letting players reroll their challenges and drain their Token balance isn’t the only quality of life update Apex just received: the previously teased Firing Range is now available, you can adjust the game cursor velocity, and Respawn has added indicators for the ammo types your squadmates are using in the inventory screen.

Today’s update also marks the introduction of Apex’s limited-time Duos mode, which will test your two-person team chemistry from now through November 19. USG’s Apex Legends guide section has plenty of info that can help you and a friend get a leg up on the competition.

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