Apex Legends Devs Want Feedback on Improving Colorblind Settings

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Apex Legends has had colorblind options for players since it launched in February earlier this year. Now, the developers at Respawn Entertainment are seeking feedback on how to improve these options.

The tweet below appeared from Respawn designer Chad Armstrong yesterday, on December 19. Armstrong asks for feedback from colorblind players on how Respawn can improve options for players with various degrees of colorblindness.

On the Apex Legend subreddit, the feedback request has been met positively. A common issue seems to be red/green colorblind players suffering with the options available, unable to differentiate between blues and purples.

Apex Legends is a game that uses a color-based loot system. Grey is common gear, green is uncommon, blue is rare, purple denotes epic gear, and finally gold signifies legendary gear, the very best of the best. With all these colors in play, it’s easy to see why colorblind players would be at a severe disadvantage.

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