Apex Legends’ Dropship Has Become a Fight Club With the Lights Turned Off

Apex Legends’ massive dropship, the one that carries players into a match, isn’t too remarkable. You don’t get to see inside of it like PUBG’s plane, and it’s not as charming as Fortnite’s Battle Bus. It’s utilitarian in design and purpose, doing what the battle royale needs it to: it carves a straight line across the map and lets players leap out. Thanks to a new bug, though, it’s become a fight club with the lights turned off.

Players have found that, since the introduction of Apex’s latest patch, you’re able to throw punches during the character selection phase and before exiting the dropship. Multiple players have captured footage of themselves and teammates being downed before they even load into World’s Edge. If a player is downed and following a jumpmaster on their team, they still have a shot of making a safe landing and getting revived. If a player flies solo while downed, though, they won’t glide from the dropship: they’ll plummet.

To understand what’s going on, you’ve got to remember that players are loaded into a single room during character selection and before they drop, as shown by this glitch from Apex’s early days. You’re not supposed to have control over your character in that room, but this isn’t the first time Respawn has had to tweak what players can do before they drop.

Apex Legends introduced a quip wheel at the beginning of Season 3 that allows players to taunt each other with character voice clips. You’re only supposed to hear these in close proximity to other players… and since everyone spawns in a single room before dropping, entire 60-person lobbies could create a cacophony of quips in the dropship. Respawn patched this issue a few weeks ago.

USgamer has reached out to Respawn for comment. On the Apex Legends subreddit, the issue stands out as the only bug found in the new patch so far that really requires player exploitation to be an issue—in other words, until Respawn fixes it, don’t be the jerk who throws early punches.

Pre-match fisticuffs aside, the latest patch gives players a few good reasons to revisit Apex: the new training mode is far more useful, there’s another way to spend Legend Tokens, and you can play the highly anticipated Duos mode from now until November 19. If you really want an edge in Apex, don’t spam melee in the dropship: just check out USG’s Apex Legends guide section.

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