Apex Legends Iron Crown Collection Event is Live

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The new Iron Crown Collection event for Apex Legends kicking off solos is live. We reported on the announcement last week, but now that it’s out we have further information on what it includes.

New Apex Legends Solos Mode

The biggest part most players are excited for is the temporary solos mode that will run for the full length of the event, August 13 – August 27. The developer, Respawn Entertainment, still isn’t confirming if the mode will stay after the event ends as they want to see how well it’s received. One of the common worries is how it will affect matchmaking if the player base is split and they address that in the below statement,

“That’s right, we’re finally dipping our toes in the Solo waters. While we are committed to Apex Legends delivering a competitive, three-player squad experience, we’re going to put Solos in for a limited time. We are always striving to ensure healthy matchmaking across all modes, so it’s too early to say whether Solos will be permanent or not, but we’re going to watch and see what happens. As always, we want to hear your feedback, so let us know what you think.”

The Apex Legends blog details all the changes and information on the Iron Crown Collection, but we’ll delve into it below as well. The trailer for the event showcases new character skins, a new area, and teases other features exclusive to it.

What is the Octane Tower Takeover?

You may have noticed a portion of the trailer focused on a new area for Octane. Respawn is coining it the Octane Tower Takeover and it’s supposed to represent his personality. It has a jump pad course and ring of fire which certainly brings out Octane’s daredevil attitude. On the blog, Respawn mentions this area will remain a part of the Kings Canyon map after the Iron Crown Collection event ends. They will also look into similar map changes to represent other characters.

New Apex Legends Currency, Crowns

Anytime you play a free-to-play game, a currency usually hints at some form of microtransaction. Apex Legends currently has the free Legend Tokens and paid Apex Coins. Alongside those is the Crafting Metals used for directly purchasing certain cosmetic items. Now to add even more to all that, Respawn has a temporary currency for the Iron Crown Collection, Crowns.

This is where the event name starts to make sense since it revolves around collecting Crowns, hence the name, Iron Crown Collection. The plus side of this currency is that it doesn’t require real money. Players can acquire Crowns by completing challenges and as rewards from Iron Crown Collection packs. There will be up to 24 items exclusive to the event varying in rarity. However, for those that unlock every item, the Heirloom Set for Bloodhound will be available with Apex Coins.

Crowns can only be spent in a store specific to the event. They will also be converted to Crafting Metals when it ends if you have any leftover.

Double XP Based For Top 5 Finishes

Anyone who finishes in the top 5 or wins an Apex Legends match from August 16 to August 19, will earn double experience. It starts and ends at 10 a.m. PT. The double experience will affect both a player’s account level and battle pass progression.

More specific patch notes are available on the Apex Legends subreddit where they also talk about balance changes. Although, those commenting in the thread are more frustrated with loot boxes making it more difficult to attain certain skins. Recently, Rocket League developer Psyionix removed loot boxes from their game after certain regions stopped allowing them.

Respawn mentions in their blog post a 50 percent chance for both an Epic and Legendary rarity item from the Iron Crown Collection Packs. This isn’t surprising with Electronic Arts wanting to make loot box odds more transparent alongside other developers.

How do you feel about another currency in Apex Legends and do you think solos should stay?

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