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Apex Legends Is Resurrecting a Controversial Loot Collection Event for Halloween

Apex Legends is bringing back its most controversial event type from the dead for Halloween. In the Fight or Fright collection event running from October 15 to November 5, Apex players will be treated to a hybrid competitive/cooperative limited-time game mode and be able to collect a number of exclusive cosmetics. Though Fight or Fright will simply reward its rarest item to players who complete the rest of the event’s item collection, it’s still going to take a lot of Apex Coins or crafting metals to complete the full set.

Lee Horn, Apex Legends’ director of product management, details the changes to this collection event in Respawn Entertainment’s official announcement. In addition to the new limited-time mode, free earnable items, and a double XP weekend, the Fight or Fright event is doing away with Event Currency and tweaking the collection system. The 24 items in the event’s main collection will be available for purchase via Apex Coins, unlockable with crafting metals, and available through random unlocks in event-specific Apex Packs (Apex’s loot boxes). Anyone who collects all 24 items will receive the new Lifeline heirloom item set for free.

At first glance, this is a significant change from August’s Iron Crown collection event. Many players spoke out against the Iron Crown event for locking the option to purchase Bloodhound’s heirloom axe for 3500 Apex Coins behind completing the 24-item collection. Originally, the Iron Crown items could only be unlocked via event-specific Apex Packs, available for Event Currency or 700 Apex Coins—roughly $7 USD—each. Midway through the Iron Crown event, Respawn made the event exclusive skins available for direct purchase with Apex Coins and said future collection events would be changed in response to fan feedback.

Still, crafting metals alone won’t be a cost-effective way to complete the Fight or Fright collection. The crafting metals requirements for event items are doubled to 2,400 for Legendary items and 800 for Epics. Available in amounts ranging from 15 to 600 in regular Apex Packs and awarded to a max of 1,200 through a season’s premium battle pass, it’s unlikely that any player has amassed enough metal to unlock more than a few of the exclusive items.

“Now they’ve come around and charge us $168 for that heirloom and try to spin it as giving it for ‘FREE’,” writes one frustrated player. Each event-specific Apex Pack still costs 700 Apex coins and will reward one Epic or Legendary item that counts towards the 24-item collection, with no duplicates. Individual Legendary and Epic items will be available for direct purchase at 1,800 and 1,000 Apex Coins respectively, equal to Apex’s regular cosmetic store prices.

The event’s limited-time mode, Shadowfall, at least comes with a few free earnable cosmetics. In Shadowfall, players will return to a nighttime version of Apex’s recently usurped Kings Canyon map. Starting as a solo battle royale, 35 players will drop on the map. Each player that dies will come back as a “Shadow” with increased speed and melee attacks, and members of the growing Shadow Squad will work together (think Halo’s Infection mode) to eliminate living players. Once the living players are whittled down to 10, they’ll team up against the Shadow Squad and attempt to evacuate via dropship, like the losing squad does at end of a Titanfall multiplayer match. Two Legendary weapon skins, an Epic Octane skin, and a couple other cosmetics will be earnable through Shadowfall.

Our Apex Legends guides will keep you up to date with all the changes (large, small, and potentially in loot packs) that come to Respawn’s battle royale.

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