Apex Legends Lets You Swing With a Grapple Hook off of Crypto’s Drone, and it Looks Incredible

Apex Legends may only have a paired-down version of Titanfall’s fluid movement, but thank goodness they let Pathfinder have a grappling hook. Even though the battle royale’s robot combatant had his hook nerfed in a recent update, the addition of Crypto and his drone has introduced a new grappling hook trick that both looks cool and may be quite useful in the right hands.

First documented by Apex Legends player Mokeysniper, the trick is as straightforward as can be: Pathfinder’s grappling hook treats Crypto’s drone just like any other grapple-compatible surface. If you’re a Pathfinder within grappling range of a drone, simply aim-and-fire. Since the grappling hook doesn’t inflict any damage, Crypto’s drone will remain afloat and let you swing off of it.

A video from our colleagues at Game Clips And Tips demonstrates the trick’s potential in (quite appropriately) the Skyhook area of Apex’s new World’s Edge map. Since the drone can be piloted while it’s grappled, Crypto players can give their Pathfinder friends an added boost of speed on their swings if both players time it right.

Though this may seem all style and no substance, there’s definitely one viable use for the trick. Since World’s Edge has so many more tall buildings than Apex’s previous map, a swing off of a drone could definitely help a team get their Pathfinder in position on an adjacent rooftop when regular grapple shots and static zip lines are a liability.

This is another fun bonus to Crypto’s already fascinating set of drone abilities, and one that Respawn Entertainment will hopefully keep in the game. It’s doubtful that Pathfinder-Crypto team ups will become the new meta just because of this trick, and far more likely that you’ll see an enemy Pathfinder overshoot their swing before the Crypto gives up and just EMPs your team.

There’s a ton to get to grip with in the early goings of Apex Legends. You can check out our main Apex Legends tips page, or there’s our Apex Legends weapons page, which details every single gun in the game.

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