Apex Legends’ New Shadowfall Mode Has Players Calling Truces and Cooperating in Unusual Ways

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Shadowfall, the new limited-time mode in Apex Legends, is a big departure from a typical battle royale mode. What starts as a 35-player solo battle royale mode eventually turns into a fight for survival between the living and a horde of the undead. As players sink more time into the mode, some are starting to crowdsource key points on Shadowfall’s map and are teaming up in-game in ways that aren’t quite fair.

First, here’s how Shadowfall works. After the 35 players drop on a nighttime version of Kings Canyon, they play out a solo battle royale. Players that die are resurrected as infinitely respawning Shadows: fast, low health characters with a devastating melee attack that can’t use weapons or abilities. Once 10 living players are left, they’re put on a team against the amassed Shadows and tasked with escaping to a dropship that spawns in a seemingly random location in the map’s safe zone. If any living players escape, the Shadows lose.

Players have discovered that the spawns for the dropship escape zones are a bit more predictable than Apex’s normal final ring locations. On the Apex Legends subreddit, user DaFreshestAce made a first pass at pinpointing the spots where the dropship can spawn. There’s some debate in the comments as to whether these locations are exact or can vary slightly in each zone, but it’s helpful to know there are large swathes of Kings Canyon you don’t want to be stuck in once the count of living players drops to 10.

The unconventional hybrid of competitive and cooperative play has also inspired some Shadowfall players to team up as the living ahead of the 10-player cutoff. Videos of living players signaling friendly intentions with gunshots, huddling together in a building, and getting punished by Shadows for their premature truce have climbed up the frontpage of the Apex subreddit over the past few days.

As part of the Fight or Fright event, some limited-time skins and badges can be earned through Shadowfall. With the rest of Apex’s Halloween goodies only being available for purchase, there’s definitely incentive for players to eke out escape wins in Shadowfall through whatever means they can.

Players have until November 5 to compete in Shadowfall and try to finish those event-specific challenges. USG’s guide section has you covered on Apex Legends’ third season of content, Halloween items, and more.

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