Apex Legends Shows Off New Map ‘World’s Edge’ In Stylish Trailer

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Apex  Legends season three, titled Meltdown, is live now, and it brings with it a new map called ‘World’s Edge.” The new locale features a caustic landscape marked by several dangerous features. Hot water geysers, burning lava pits, chemically “frozen” monoliths and more are all crisscrossed by a loot-bearing train. World’s Edge not only features some new dangers for players to avoid, but also adds more lore to the world of Apex Legends. The initial map, King’s Canyon, set on the planet Solace, was ravaged by the Leviathans during the conclusion of the second season. Now the legends head to planet Talos to continue their blood sport in Apex Legends season three.

We also get our first look at the Charge Rifle, coming in Season Three. It seems to be largely unchanged from its earlier iterations, if the trailer is any indication. A focused energy beam primarily used as an anti-Titan weapon, its high accuracy and powerful charge is enough to liquify enemy pilots in a single shot. It’s highly unlikely that an instant-kill weapon would make its way into Apex Legends, but data miners discovered references to care packages and resupplies, suggesting it won’t be widely available.

The trailer also offered a look at Crypto, Apex‘s newest legend, also coming with the launch of Season Three. Armed with a surveillance drone at his side, the tech-savvy Legend comes with an array of abilities to support his teammates. Crypto can directly pilot his drone up to 200 meters away in order to open doors, crates, pick up teammates banners and items within range, and generally scout ahead for your squad. More passively, it will detect doors, items and notably, enemies in a 30 meter radius. Mobility has always been key to survival in Apex Legends, and it would seem that Crypto is a natural extension of that fact. Finally, his ultimate is an EMP blast that does shield damage, slows enemies, and disables traps, again, all as a supporting move.

While the update contents may seem thin compared to the constantly evolving nature of Fortnite or PUBG, Respawn has gone on record stating that the slower pace was in order to avoid crunch and improve update quality. The move towards more polished quarterly updates seems to have come even as repeated news stories arise about the precipitous drop in revenue for Respawn’s surprise release. Still, the Twitch viewership numbers have remained largely steady, spiking during major updates. With the latest update looming on the horizon, we’ll have to see just how much of a bump Apex Legends receives. Apex Legends Season Three, Meltdown, is out now.

What do you think of Apex Legends season three? Does the new map interest you? Let us know in the comments below

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