Arizona Sunshine for Oculus Quest gets its first free DLC

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It was already impressive enough that Vertigo Games was able to squeeze the entirety of Arizona Sunshine onto the Oculus Quest, but the company isn’t stopping with just the base game for Quest owners. As promised earlier this month, owners of Arizona Sunshine on the Oculus Quest will be getting three free DLC packs that help bring it up to feature-parity with the PlayStation VR and PC VR versions of the game.

This first DLC pack focuses on two-handed weapons, which will need to be weilded by both hands, as the name suggests. But this isn’t just a few guns being added to the game, it’s well over a dozen new two-handed weapons that are designed to turn the tide of battle against the hordes of zombies that will be coming for you across the dry, arid Arizona landscape. When playing the game in co-op on harder difficulties, these two-handed weapons make all the difference in the world and could make the difference between life and death of you and up to three of your friends.

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While the original title launched on PCs back in 2016, the game steadily grew more impressive over the years as developers put a lot of love into bug fixes and even more love into delivering additional content for one of the highest-rated zombie shooters ever. The Oculus Quest version is getting all of these DLC packs, albeit in a considerably shorter period of time than we saw on the PC or PS4. The second free DLC pack, The Old Mines, is scheduled to land in January, while the third DLC, Undead Valley, is planned for February.

March will begin the first paid DLC packs, which run a rather affordable $2.49 for the Dead Man DLC. April brings The Damned DLC for $4.99, which is still quite an affordable add-on considering the content it delivers. There’s still no word on cross-play for Arizona Sunshine, so if you want to utilize all this excellent content with your friends, it’ll have to be those friends that own the Oculus Quest version and, if they don’t already have one, will likely have to wait until well after the Holidays are over to find one.

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