Atomic Heart Real Time 4K Photo Mode and “Universal Polymer Vaccination Gone Wrong” Trailers

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Atomic Heart

Mundfish have released trailers showing off the real time 4K Photo Mode for Atomic Heart, and “Universal Polymer Vaccination Gone Wrong.”

As previously reported, the game is set in an alternate universe where the Soviet Union have created a secret facility to build their ideal future. After the facility goes dark, a special agent of the Union soon learns that the machines have revolted, leaving metal and mutant flesh on the hunt.

Study how foes behave, and use the environment, objects, and other foes against them. Gather resources and build over 30 kinds of weapons for whatever the situation entails. The game also boasts an “ultra detailed” photo mode, supporting 4K graphics in real time.

You can find the Photo Mode (in English and Russian) and Universal Polymer Vaccination Gone Wrong trailers below.

Editor’s NoteThe last of these trailers have closed caption English subtitles. 

Finally, Mundfish are hosting a giveaway (as stated in the Photo Mode English trailer). Details are scant at this time, but to enter users must wishlist the game on Steam, and follow Mundfish on social media. The giveaway will then be won when the game launches.

You can find the full rundown via (Steam) below.

A global system failure happens at the Soviet Facility №3826 that leads machinery to rebel against the people. You are Major P-3 and your task is to eliminate the consequences of a large-scale accident and prevent the leakage of classified information threatening to destroy the whole world.

Study the behavior of your enemies and observe how they relate to each other. Use the varied arsenal of arms and special abilities of your polymer glove. Turn everything into a weapon: environment, objects, your own body, and even enemies themselves! Every fight will be different from the last.

Explore huge research facilities and test sites. Find out more about the employees and their ways of life and work. Uncover soviet secrets! But know that death hides in every corner. Can you survive?

A neural network named “Kollektiv” unifies ground-based and flying robots alike into a single hivemind. If you are noticed either above or under the ground, the reinforcements from the nearest factory will come to kill you. Use hacking to break in unnoticed.

Use pieces and components with the “Chaika 3.0” device to create more than 30 types of melee weapons and firearms. Cassette cartridges and various modifications will help you use the environment to your advantage and exploit enemy vulnerabilities.

Atomic Heart is coming soon to Windows PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Prime Benefit Spotlight: Free games and in-game content

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