Darkwood Review – AtmosFEAR done right

[the_ad id=”19711″] Horror is a difficult thing to get right, especially when it comes to video games. Most of the time games seem to have trouble differentiating between surprise and fear. Substituting startling the player with cheap jumps for actually building tension and fear. The first game from Acid Wizards studios, Darkwood, does a surprisingly…

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Dinkum is an Aussie-themed Sandbox Game, Coming to PC in 2020

[the_ad id=”19711″] The Irregular Corporation — the publishers behind Sailaway and PC Building Simulator — have announced Dinkum, a brand-new sandbox game that’s set in the fantastical land of Australia. This upcoming survival sandbox title was developed by a single man and it certainly seems to be an interesting game! In Dinkum, players are plopped down in the Australian outback….

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