Battlefield 5’s War in the Pacific Update Is Bringing Back the Series’ Best Map

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With Battlefield 5 marking the series’ first return to World War 2 since 2009’s Battlefield 1943, a lot of fans hoped the game would let players revisit one particularly iconic setting. Now, in the upcoming War in the Pacific update, Battlefield 5 will take players back to a locale that hasn’t been seen in the series in years: Wake Island.

Teased at the end of today’s reveal trailer for the War in the Pacific update—which launches on October 31—Wake Island is the second map of three that will come in Battlefield 5’s fifth “Chapter” of free seasonal content. Modeled after the real Pacific Ocean island that was the site of a battle between the United States and Japanese forces during World War 2, Wake Island’s distinctive horseshoe-shaped geography worked well with the vehicles and objective-holding gameplay in the original Battlefield 1942.

Wake Island then reappeared in so many subsequent Battlefield titles that you could argue it’s the closest thing the franchise has to a de_dust or Blood Gulch. Wake Island was not only included as one of the four maps in the Pacific-set, download-only Battlefield 1943, but also came back in Battlefield 2, third-person shooter spin-off Battlefield Heroes, and even in the franchise’s sci-fi installment Battlefield 2142. The last time Wake Island appeared in the series was as a DLC map for 2011’s Battlefield 3.

The official Battlefield 5 website has more details on the weapons and vehicles included in the War in the Pacific update, but doesn’t specify whether Wake Island will debut alongside the Iwo Jima map on October 31. Previous rollouts of Battlefield 5’s seasonal content have spaced out map releases to keep players coming back for more.

On November 1 through 4, EA’s holding a free weekend trial for all of Battlefield 5’s multiplayer suite, including the War in the Pacific update, for players on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC via Origin. Hopefully, that means a weekend of full, 64-player Wake Island matches.

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