Become The Night In The New Fortnite x Batman Crossover, Live Right Now

Fortnite and Batman might seem like an unlikely pairing, but the two have teamed up nevertheless. It’s Batman’s 80th birthday (he’s looking sprightly for a pensioner), so to celebrate, Epic Games is bringing a whole host of Batman-related content to Fortnite. This crossover was originally leaked a few days ago.

First up, you’ll notice that Tilted Town has been transformed into Gotham City. You’ll have access to enjoy unlimited glider redeploys (because how else are you gonna feel like the Caped Crusader?) as well as a new Batman-style grapnel gun. In addition, you’ll be able to find Batman-themed Batarangs which explode if they hit other players. If you lodge a Batarang into the floor or a wall, it’ll act as an explosive proximity mine. Pretty cool, no? Here’s the launch trailer for Fortnite Batman:

Outside of gameplay, there’s also a new Caped Crusader Pack for you to buy in the Fortnite store. It contains two Batsuits: one styled like the old-school Batman comic and one that looks more like the modern Christopher Nolan armored Batsuit. There’s also a Catwoman outfit for you to check out. That one looks pretty much exactly like Catwoman does in the comics, so no Anne Hathaway-style aesthetic here, unfortunately. Rounding out the Batman content is a series of themed challenges which will give out rewards related to everyone’s favorite superhero.

It’s not just Batman stuff though. This all comes as part of Fortnite‘s Patch 10.31. The patch also contains a bunch of quality-of-life improvements and other stuff. You can check out the full patch notes here if you want a complete changelog. Fortnite is free to download on consoles and PC, as well as mobile devices. Remember: it’s always darkest just before Victory Royale.

Will you be checking out the Batman content in Fortnite? Let us know in the comments below!

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