Before We Leave Has You Rebuild the World and Fend Off Space Whales

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Civilization has fallen. There’s pretty much nothing left, and Balancing Monkey Games’ upcoming game Before We Leave is all about you putting the shattered pieces of society back together into something constructive in a non-violent way.

Also, space whales are trying to eat you.

Before We Leave is billed as a “mostly” non-violent game; you’re not going to be competing against other players in some kind of epic 4X battle. There are no raiders incoming, no city walls to build, no nuclear launches to detect. What you will have to do is get a bunch of scared people out from who knows how many years underground and help them remember all of the things that they forgot.

Unfortunately for the people, one of the many things that drove them underground are terrifying natural disasters and they are very much a part of this new old world. You’ll have to manage those appropriately while trying to keep everyone alive and relatively happy. If you don’t, your society is just as doomed to fail as the one that your caused your forebears to flee underground at some distant point in the past.

Once you get things built up enough, you’ll be able to fly out into space and start colonizing other planets. Space, too, has its challenges. Ancient guardians will threaten your cities on the surface and big honkin’ space whales are super hungry and would love to eat you for dinner, to boot.

The overall art style and map design of Before We Leave looks pretty cool and it seems like it’s got a solid gameplay concept. There’s no firm release date or price for this game, but you can add it to your wishlist on Steam for now. You might also want to check out its Announcement Trailer below to see a bit of gameplay.

What do you think of Before We Leave? Does the idea of a non-violent city builder like this appeal to you or is the combat truly necessary to have fun? Let us know in the comments below!

Robert N. Adams

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