Best Cyber Monday iPad Deals in 2019

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There are no shortage of accessories to supplement your iPad experience, and there is no shortage of Cyber Monday deals to make you feel good about buying them. Here are some of the best deals on Apple’s best accessories for iPad.

Apple Pencil (First generation)
($79 at Amazon)

The Apple Pencil is the accessory for iPad, right now save $20 and get it for just $79.

Apple Pencil (Second generation)
($120 at Amazon)

Like the first, the second generation is great for drawing, sketching or handwriting, but features an update design, improved pairing and wireless charging.

($144 at Amazon)

Apple’s AirPods are perfect for your iPad. Easy to pair thanks to the H1 headphone chip, they come with “Hey Siri” support and a wireless charging case.

iPad vs. iPad Air vs. iPad Pro: What’s the big difference?

Apple’s iPad lineup is the most robust it has been in a long time, offering four different base models to choose from, which all come in different sizes and a few different storage options as well. If you’re scouting out which iPad you want to get this Cyber Monday, it’s worth knowing what each model offers.

iPad Pro

Starting at the top of the line, the iPad Pro packs the most punch but costs the most dollars. The ProMotion display that can dynamically ramp down to save power and up to 120Hz for silky smooth scrolling, is only found on the the 12.9-inch or 11-inch iPad Pros, along with Apple’s A12X Bionic chipset that adds 2 extra performance cores, 3 extra graphics cores, 1 extra gigabyte of memory in the 64GB, 256GB, and 512GB models and 3 extra gigabytes — 6 total — in the 1TB of storage model. Oh yeah, it’s also the only model that can reach up to a TB of storage, meaning it can hold a lot of stuff.

Plus, don’t forget that the Lightning port has been switched out in favor of USB-C, which provides support for all sorts of accessories, including displays, cameras, and much more. Also, since the iPad Pro has a nearly bezel-less design, it doesn’t have TouchID like the other iPad models, but rather the same great FaceId found on the newer versions of the iPhone.

iPad Air

The newest iPad Air is meant to be a nice middle-ground for most users, that blends power, price, and functionality, and the 10.5-inch screen along with the A12 Bionic chip does just that. It also includes Touch ID, two stereo speakers, a 7 MP, 1080p front-facing camera and an 8 MP, wide color f/2.4, also 1080p rear camera.

You can get it in silver, space gray, or Apple’s current coppery gold, with 64 or 264GB of storage, and with just Wi-Fi or with Wi-Fi and cellular.


The newest to the iPad lineup, this 10.2-inch iPad does make a few sacrifices for its starting price of $329. It’s rocking a chipset that’s a little older, Apple’s A10 Fusion chip to be exact, and it starts with a base storage of 32GB and only has a max of 128GB.

The screen is also a slight downgrade as it doesn’t feature TrueTone (so the white tones won’t always match the light around you), wide color, or a laminated display. While it does have the same rear camera as the iPad Air, the front-facing camera on the iPad is only a 1.2 MP that tops out at 720p recording.

How do I pick the right iPad?

Cyber Monday iPad Deals

Source: iMore

As with most device suggestions we make on iMore, the real question comes down to how you intend on using your iPad. Do you just want a tablet that lets you watch movies and TV shows on a bigger screen? Or, are you more interested in a drawing tablet that can help you design and create works of art? Our very own Rene Ritchie (who has used every iPad that has ever existed) breaks it down like this:

  • If you’re looking for an iPad you can take anywhere and do almost everything with, then the new 10.5-inch iPad Air, starting at $499, is really the new baseline in the lineup that blends performance, price, functionality.

  • Looking for an iPad that can co all the basics (web browsing, watch movies, play games, and more), but you just can’t or won’t pay that much for it? Then look no further than the newly-refreshed 10.2-inch iPad for $329!

  • If you need as much power and raw performance power as you can possibly pack into an iPad, the iPad Pro is the best place to look. If you prefer a little more portability, the 11-inch iPad Pro is a little easier to carry around; however, the 12.9-inch is wonderful for people who need as much real estate as they can get for their projects.

Which iPad models support Apple Pencil?

iPad Pro deal

Source: Rene Ritchie / iMore

Luckily for everyone, every iPad in Apple’s current lineup supports an Apple Pencil; however, not all iPads support the Apple Pencil identically.

The 11-inch iPad Pro and the 12.9-inch iPad Pro both are compatible with the Second-generation Apple Pencil, which has improved pressure sensitivity and performance over the original Apple Pencil, and the ProMotion display really takes advantage of it! The design is also slightly improved over the first-generation Apple Pencil as there’s no cap to remove, and no Lightning connector. Instead, the Pencil magnetically attaches to one of the sides of the iPad Pro for inductive charging.

The rest of the iPad lineup — the iPad Air and iPad — are both compatible with the first generation Apple Pencil which has a cap on it concealing a Lightning connector, which plugs into the Lightning port on these iPads for both quick pairing and charging.

Should I buy the base storage or upgraded storage models?

Storage is a very personal thing, it really depends on how much you use, and the different models have different storage options.

For the iPad Pro, both the 11-inch and 12.9-inch sizes come with a base storage of 64GB, which can fill up rather quickly if you use your iPad Pro as a workstation. They both have options to increase the storage to 256GB, 512GB, or 1TB, but those storage increases come with a pretty hefty price tag. While 64GB could be quite low for a lot of people, 1TB is likely too much for most people.

The iPad Air only has two storage options — 64GB and 256GB — with roughly a $150 difference between the two limits. As I mentioned before, the 64GB can be pretty low, especially if you’re storing lots of videos, pictures, documents, and other files on it. That being said, if you don’t tend to save a lot on your iPad itself, or you use a lot of cloud storage, 64GB could be enough for you.

The iPad starts with only a measly 32GB of storage, and can only upgrade to 128GB. For most people, I would gather the extra $100 is worth the bump in storage, because 32GB will fill up relatively quickly for the average person. Once again, if you’re really finicky with what you store on your iPad or are super good with storage management and regularly clear out older files, the 32GB could work for you.

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