Best Galaxy Note 10+ Cases: Black Friday 2019 – Deals & Buyer’s Guide

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Galaxy Note 10+ Cases
Android Central

The Galaxy Note 10+ packs power, precision, and productivity into a large but manageable size. While its shiny new gradient backs beg to be shown off, this is an expensive phone with a glass back and front, so having a case is a non-negotiable requirement here. Cases are readily available from some of our favorite brands, so rest assured you can protect your new powerhouse in style.

Whether you’re picking up a discounted Note 10+ on Black Friday and need to snag your new phone a new case or you just want to expand your case collection while the sales are sweet, a great case deal starts with a great case. We’re expecting some pretty good Black Friday sales for Note 10+ cases from the major case makers, and these are the cases to keep an eye on as the deals start flying.

Staff pick

This durable clear case has some robust bumper protection and a couple of fun color options, including a translucent camo option that looks fierce.

$11 at Amazon

This is the better version of the Spigen Rugged Armor: a slimmer case that’s easier to hang onto thanks to its diamond texture back. Take this upgrade!

$11 at Amazon

With a dust flap to protect that USB-C port and a sturdy kickstand, this Texan-born case can go the distance. New colors have been added, including a fun red and deep purple!

$19 at Amazon

Samsung’s leather cases are certainly not its cheapest cases, but they are incredibly well made, and our managing editor swears by them.

$55 at Samsung

This clear case is slim but grippy, allowing you to show off the Note 10+’s full beauty while still offering scratch and scuff protection.

$11 at Amazon

Skinit offers up case designs from big name brands like Disney, DC, and the NFL in three different styles: a thinner Clear Case, hybrid Pro Case, or ultra-rugged Waterproof Case.

$20 at Skinit

We’ve loved the Neo Hybrid for years here at Android Central, and the Herringbone texture is back for the Note 10 version. Get that sweet Arctic Silver!

$15 at Amazon

Control your music playback, respond to missed calls and messages without ever opening your S-View folio case up.

$50 at Samsung

The European nubuck leather for this case feels fabulous in hand. It has three card slots plus a cash pocket, a magnetic clasp, and six fun color options.

$38 at Amazon

This classic hybrid series from Caseology is excellent for using with phone grips and car mounts while keeping your phone safe even when it’s going solo. The new Cloud Silver looks especially lovely!

$14 at Amazon

The plain Liquid Crystal is fine, but if you want a clear case that’s better at hiding smudges, scuffs, dust, and minor cracks, get yourself some Glitter.

$12 at Amazon

The official Samsung Silicone Cover lets you keep that perfect Samsung shades while still upgrading your grip in one of several great colors.

$30 at Samsung

This popular design ensures year after year because it works, and it looks cool, and you can grab this one in svelte black or a deep indigo blue.

$8 at Amazon

MoKo’s clear cases are bulkier than our favorite Spigen Liquid Crystal, but they also have bigger air cushions for when ditzes like me drop them.

$6 at Amazon

Life’s too short for boring cases, so add some color to your life with the Parallax, which comes in Pink, Blue, Silver, Gold, and Black.

$13 at Amazon

No matter your taste, your phone needs a case

I know, I know the Note 10+ is a beautiful slab of glass, aluminum, and silicon, but please, please, please put a case on it. Even if you have insurance that’ll replace your powerhouse phone if it breaks, your phone deserves to be protected from scuffs, scratches, shatters and your slippery, sweaty butterfingers.

You can even protect your phone while still showing it off, thanks to the Ringke Fusion-X and its rugged bumper and clear back. If you prefer a more robust level of protection — and productivity — the Armadillotek Vanguard Series is heavy-duty protection with a kickstand that stays standing in vertical or horizontal mode. The new colors added for the Vanguard Series include some subdued palettes like a two-tone purple and a red/black combo.

Planning to grab a Note 10+ case on Black Friday?

It’s no secret that pretty much everything and the kitchen sink gets some kind of Black Friday deal these days, and cases are no exception, but you’re not going to be looking for $50-$100 savings like you would on a new phone or tablet. After all, most cases are regularly $10-$20. While some of the more heavy-duty cases like the ones from Lifeproof may be $20-30 dollars off, that still doesn’t get it down to a reasonable price; it just keeps you from being completely ripped off.

The best value in Black Friday case deals is going to be subjective since everyone’s case preferences are different, but there are a few general tips here that should help you find something your hand and your wallet can both enjoy. For starters, don’t take the percentage discount on the case listing as gospel: most Note 10+ cases have been sold at some kind of discount since launch day. Take the Spigen Tough Armor for example: it’s $16 at Amazon but $40 on Spigen’s website, over a 50% discount, which it’s had since the week of its launch.

That said, this is the one time of year that casemakers can start boasting deeper discounts than major retailers like Amazon and Best Buy. We’re seeing 30% off on Spigen and Skinit’s websites for Veterans’ Day, and while 30% off still won’t get Spigen’s cases to Amazon prices, 30% off is indeed a good deal for Skinit’s cool custom cases. Check back in on our Black Friday deals as we get closer to Turkey Day and the inevitable deluge of discounts.

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