Best New Android Games as of December 2019

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New Android Games as of December
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We’re into the last month of 2019 and there’s been a flurry of good games released on the Google Play Store as of late, as well as others who came to our attention through Google Play Store Black Friday deals. Those deals are over, but the games are still great and worthy of extra attention.

Ordia is a vertical-scrolling platformer where you play as a green and gooey life form that needs to make its way through a hazardous new environment. You start out each level in a green pool and must slingshot your little buddy towards other friendly green launch points, which it will automatically glom onto if your aim is true.

The gameplay and controls are quite simple — if you’ve ever played Angry Birds you’ll feel right at home here — but the levels are cleverly designed to require precise aim to avoid getting destroyed by the world’s deadly red flora and fauna. New elements are introduced as you progress through the 30 levels set across three unique worlds, with each new element slightly changing the way your lil’ goober is able to move and bounce around the level.

You’re definitely going to love the simplicity of the graphics and the way the chill, ambient soundtrack evolves as you progress through each level. It’s a very polished experience, and the simplicity of the game design means that it will run smoothly on phones of all sorts, too. Each level offers extra challenge modes so you can revisit them and unlock bonus levels and achievements.

Vectronom is a challenging and rewarding rhythm-based puzzle-platformer. You’re definitely going to want a pair of headphones cranked to full volume for this one because matching your movements to the beat of the music is key. It also helps to put you into a psychedelic trance with the trippy visuals.

The game features intuitive controls for controlling your cube that will have you swiping and tapping in rhythm. The levels are constantly changing in sync with the thumping beat of the music, so you’ll need to keep up with the rhythm to avoid falling into traps.

There are currently 31 levels to play through that track how many attempts you make to beat it, whether you collected all the pickups in the level, and how well you stuck to the beat. This gives the game a good amount of replayability without requiring you to retry levels strictly to collect additional stars to unlock new levels.

If staring at flashing colors on your screen sounds like an eyesore to you, you’ll be happy to know there are options for turning down the bombastic hues on-screen, and different palettes are available for people who see colors differently. You can also tweak the player input margin if you feel like the controls need to be tighter or looser, and you can also adjust the music EQ.

Witcheye was a game released way back in August, but it didn’t hit my radar until it was part of the Black Friday sale at the end of November so… it qualifies, okay? Besides, it’s one of the best games of the year that has yet to crack 10,000 downloads from the Google Play Store and that’s unacceptable for a game of this quality.

The over-arching story offers a nice twist to start. You play as a misunderstood witch who must chase down a smarmy knight who stole all her magical ingredients, all because a wizard told him to as part of some heroic journey.

For… reasons… the witch has turned herself into a “flying eyeball of vengence,” which I guess makes it easier to deal with the combative creatures you’ll run into on your adventures. The quirky character design offers an outstanding level of control for a mobile platformer. Rather than using on-screen buttons, you simply swipe anywhere on the screen to send the eyeball flying in that direction, and tap to stop. Its easy to pick up and understand, but it takes some time to truly master, which is the hallmark of a well-designed control scheme.

Witcheye includes over 50 levels spread across six vibrant and colorful worlds. Each level features a variety of enemies, including mini-bosses and other challenges, that help keep things feeling fresh. There’s also a hard mode to unlock, which shuffles up the enemies and ups the difficulty for an extra challenge.

Witcheye takes me back to the simpler gaming days of my childhood — a sentiment that anyone else who grew up playing classic arcade machines or early 90s home consoles will likely share.

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