Best Samsung Galaxy S8+ Cases in 2019

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Samsung Galaxy S8+ Cases
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The Galaxy S8+ is no spring chicken — and I mean that in the best possible way. However, if you’re still proudly rocking one, then you’ll want to protect its delicate all-glass construction from drops and shatters that will have you shelling out hundreds of dollars to replace the screen or replace the whole phone. Two years on, the case pool for the S8+ has dwindled a little, but there’s still plenty of quality cases to pick from.

Staff pick

This ruggedly handsome case combines an impact-resistant TPU inner sleeve with a hard plastic shell and a protective front casing that offers ample protection around that beautiful AMOLED screen. There are three color options and even a built-in kickstand for your YouTube binges.

$18 at Amazon

This clear case is one of the most reliably simple yet satisfactory clear case series around. We’re still confident swearing by Spigen’s Liquid Crystal cases for a slim scratch-resistant case that adds some much needed grip to the phone while still showing off the S8+’s beauty.

$9 at Amazon

OtterBox is known for tank-like ready-for-anything heavy-duty cases, and while the Commuter Series is still firmly heavy-duty, it’s not quite as cumbersome as some of its other series (looking at YOU, Defender) and it’s best color is the cheapest. Go, Aqua Mint!

From $16 at Amazon

The Neo Hybrid is a hybrid case that’s as thin as a single-layer TPU case and stylish as all get-out, so it’s no wonder that we here at Android Central love it to pieces — quite literally. The Neo Hybrid has more color choices for the S8+ two years on than the brand-new S10!

$16 at Amazon

There are Plain Jane clear cases like the Liquid Crystal, but that’s not the only clear case around! The Air Prism has a sleek, ever-so-mesmerizing geometric pattern on the back so that it’s not just another flat piece of plastic and I love mine so much.

$9 at Amazon

This heavy-duty case may protect your phone like a bank vault, but it will still show off the S8’s stylish glass back and even help your chosen color pop with front and rear accents like blue, green, gold, and even pink. It even has a built-in screen protector.

From $18 at Amazon

Snakehive’s leather wallet cases are made of European Nubuck leather, can hold up to three cards and cash, and come a wide variety of single and two-tone color schemes. The two-tone cases are truly stunning, but the solids are sweet, too.

$35 at Amazon

This case will hide your cards or cash in plain sight behind a delightfully clicky card slot embedded in the polycarbonate back of this sturdy hybrid case. While you could maybe fit two cards and cash, I suggest going with one card and cash or two cards.

From $16 at Amazon

This snap-on polycarbonate case from TORRAS may only offer light drop protection, but that’s not why people buy an ultra thin case. This is design to hug to your phone and add barely any bulk while protecting against scratches and scuffs from tabletops and pocket change.

$20 at Amazon

Give your Galaxy S8+ a fresh lease on life with a new case

Just because the Galaxy S8+ is a couple years old doesn’t necessarily mean you need to trade it in for a new phone. If you’re still enjoying it and it’s in good condition, why not try a new case that’ll give your phone a cool new look while also protecting it from potential damage?

While it’s hard to say no to the many color combos of the Spigen Neo Hybrid, I’d recommend the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Hybrid Pro because it’s a heavy-duty case built for the long haul, and two years on, protection is key.

Lastly, if you do not want to bulk up such as big phone, I understand, and you’ll still be more than happy with the Spigen Liquid Crystal adding much-needed grip while showing off the S8+’s slim sexiness.

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