Best Smart Doorbells That Support Alexa in 2019

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Smart Doorbells That Support Alexa
Android Central

As an introvert by nature, one of the things I love most about smart doorbells is the ability for me not to have to get off of my keister and answer every knock or ring at the front door. All I have to do is ask Alexa to show me who is at the front door. We’ve compiled a list of great smart doorbells that work with Alexa, but my favorite is the Ring Video Doorbell 2. There are plenty of good devices on this list, so be sure to check them out and see what might be the best fit for your situation.

Best Overall For Alexa: Ring Video Doorbell 2

Source: Ring

It may seem a cop-out to pick a Ring product as my top choice, but the fact is that since Amazon purchased the smart home products company it has been churning out quality products that work well with Alexa. Once you install your Ring Video Doorbell 2 and ask Alexa to discover new devices, you can start checking on who is at the door on the Fire TV from the comfort of your couch. Interacting with people at the door while you are elsewhere is certainly a great convenience feature, but it’s also a safety feature as well. Having that heads up that a camera and microphone provide can offer protection if you’re by yourself and are unsure of your mysterious visitor.

This second-generation video doorbell now records in 1080p with infrared night vision, so you get a much better viewing experience. It is motion-activated, so even if someone doesn’t “ring” the doorbell, you can still see if they were snooping around your front stoop. Another feature that I really like is cosmetic in nature. You can easily swap out the faceplate on the doorbell if you decide to change the color.

While it is true that Ring requires a subscription to view and access video recordings and your archive, the Ring plans start as low as $3 a month. It is a bit peculiar that the field of view is slightly less than on the first generation, but that shouldn’t make too much of a difference when it comes to most front porch spaces. While this device works on the 2.4GHz spectrum that is good for devices further from your router, you won’t be able to take advantage of the faster speeds of your 5GHz network. To do that, you’ll need a Ring Pro or Elite device.


  • HD quality video
  • Can power with a battery or wired connection
  • Uses infrared night vision
  • Interchangeable faceplates to customize the appearance


  • Doesn’t work on 5 GHz spectrum
  • Subscription required to access recordings
  • Shorter field of view than first-generation

Best Overall For Alexa

Ring Video Doorbell 2

A premium Alexa doorbell for a mid-range price

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 comes in battery or wired versions, offers 1080p video resolution, motion detection, and a wide field of view.

Best Budget Doorbell: Ring Video Doorbell (1st Gen)

Source: Ring

If you can’t quite swing the two Benjamins required for the Ring Video Doorbell 2, or if you don’t really care that your video is in crystal-clear 1080p, then why not save a hundred dollars and pick up the excellent first-generation version?

Aside from full HD video, the first generation device basically offers everything that the second generation does, including a wider field of view. You still can connect it to a hardwired power source or use a battery, it operates on the same 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi spectrum, and it offers the same on-demand video, two-way talking, and motion alerts as the newer model.

If you elect to go the frugal route by choosing the first-generation Ring over the Video Doorbell 2, consider using some of your savings to pick up the device bundled with an Echo Dot. Like all Ring products, this first-generation device also comes with Ring’s Lifetime Threat Protection. That means that even if the bad guys win and steal away with your doorbell, Ring will send you a new one for free.

This doorbell does not have removable faceplates, and once again, you’ll need to subscribe to a Ring Connect plan to view your recordings, but with the money you save from the Ring Video 2, Pro, or Elite, you’ll be covered!


  • Most affordable Ring doorbell
  • Includes Lifetime Threat Protection
  • Often bundled with Echo Dot for savings


  • Not full HD video
  • Requires subscription to access recordings
  • No interchangeable faceplates

Best Budget Doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell (1st Gen)

An inexpensive smart doorbell

Ring makes a whole line of newer doorbells with more premium features, but this one still does the job quite well.

Best Style: August Doorbell Cam Pro

Source: August

August is a smart home devices company that has built a solid reputation for itself, particularly when it comes to smart door products. The August smart locks are some of the most advanced and highest-rated around, so it should come as no surprise that it offers one of my favorite smart doorbell devices: the August Doorbell Cam Pro.

A major reason that you might elect to go with this doorbell over others is its integration with August’s smart locks. You can easily let friends or family into your home remotely through the app or via Alexa. Installing this device might present some headaches for the non-technical, as it only comes in a wired version, and its unusual shape (square vs. rectangle) might present some mounting challenges. This thing just looks cool. While some of the doorbells from Ring, Nest, and others have a very utilitarian look and feel to them, this beauty from August looks like a doorbell from the future.

The 960×1280 camera has the convenience of a built-in, motion-activated floodlight so that it can record full-color HD footage, even at night. It has a narrower field of view than some of the competition, which might not make it ideal for wide porches or for viewing your full front yard. August generously offers up to 24 hours of free video storage with its basic subscription, which comes included with the purchase of your Doorbell cam. However, to get more storage you’ll need to sign up for its Premium or Premium Plus options, which are still a good bargain.


  • Full HD camera with built-in floodlight
  • Free video storage for 24 hours
  • Pairs with August smart locks for remote entry


  • Only wired option available
  • Additional storage requires premium plans
  • Odd shape may present installation challenges

Best Style

August Doorbell Cam Pro

Gorgeous doorbell

This futuristic-looking doorbell camera works with your August smart lock to provide security and convenience to your entryway.

Best Value: eufy Video Doorbell

Source: Eufy

The eufy brand may not be familiar to you, but you probably know its parent company, Anker, which also makes products that work with Alexa. The eufy Video Doorbell is a great value for many reasons, including its quality hardware specs and its great storage solution.

This doorbell has a wide-angle field of view, a motion-activated camera that can record five seconds prior to the initial alert you receive, and it can record 2K HD video for clearer playback. Speaking of video playback, the eufy Video Doorbell comes with 4GB of local storage secured with 256-bit military-grade encryption, so your footage stays on-site and secure. Eufy does not charge any monthly or annual fees to access that storage. The device is also IP65 water-resistant and has a 180-day battery life.

As with most of these smart cameras, the eufy Video Doorbell allows you to interact with visitors through the app or via Alexa, but perhaps the coolest feature is that you can set up pre-recorded responses for when you’re unavailable or “unavailable.” You can program the doorbell to tell the delivery person to “just leave it on the porch, please.”

Since this doorbell requires a wired connection and may not work with existing chimes, professional installation may be recommended for some folks who might not be handy. It’s also worth noting that many have called into question the accuracy of eufy’s person/motion detection features, saying that they get more false positives than expected. If you have shrubs or trees near the front door, this is something you may want to keep in mind.


  • Wireless chime included
  • Free storage with no subscription fees
  • HD resolution, HDR, and Distortion Correction
  • Water resistant


  • Wired connection only
  • Professional installation may be required
  • Person identification and motion detection is buggy

Best Value

eufy Video Doorbell

No hidden strangers or fees

The eufy Video Doorbell makes our list as a great value because it offers quality smart features without hidden fees or subscriptions.

Best for Renters: Ring Peephole Cam

Source: Ring

I say this doorbell is best for renters, but really it’s great for anyone who has a solid door with a peephole in it (or space for a peephole). With minimal installation, you get basically three products in one device — a doorbell, a peephole, and a camera. Now that’s value!

Ring has done a great job in creating a product that even a layperson like me can install easily (and without wires!), and it included most of its best tech smarts in the process. That being said, if your door doesn’t already have a peephole, you’ll have to physically drill one. If that describes your situation, then this may not be the best option for you.

This doorbell features a 1080p HD video camera that allows you to interact with people at your doorstep through your Alexa device or in the Ring app. The camera doesn’y record HDR video, and while the field of view is still better than most, it’s slightly lower than the Ring Video Doorbell 2. Recordings are triggered by a motion sensor that you can customize to set motion zones and only receive notifications if those areas are activated.

One really cool feature that the Peephole Cam offers that no other Ring Doorbell can claim is Knock Detection. Basically, because this device is located where the peephole is and not where a traditional doorbell would be, some visitors may not know that you, in fact, do have a doorbell. So if they simply knock on the door out of habit, you’ll still get a notification that you have a guest just like you would if they press the doorbell button. Insert your knock-knock jokes here Alexa.


  • HD video recording
  • Passthrough peephole
  • Knock detection feature
  • Same great smart features as found on other Ring doorbells


  • Requires subscription to access recordings
  • Need a peephole to use
  • Doesn’t support HDR video

Best for Renters

Ring Peephole Cam

Eye spy people through the peephole

With a peephole viewer and knock detection, this doorbell combines the best of the old with the smarts of the new.

Best Without a Camera: Arlo Audio Doorbell

Source: Arlo

Perhaps you aren’t looking to spend a lot of money, but you still want some smart functionality for your doorbell. Maybe you don’t have an Echo Show or Fire TV and can’t easily look at the video feeds without opening an app on your phone like an animal. Whatever the case, we have a solution for you in the Arlo Audio Doorbell.

With the Arlo Audio Doorbell, you can still utilize Alexa’s services to interact with visitors through your Echo or Echo Dot by using your voice. Perhaps even more interseting is how visitors can record messages for you through the device, which you can listen to remotely or at your leisure.

As mentioned above, this doorbell does not feature a camera, but you can connect it to an existing Arlo smart camera to get the same benefits as some of the more premium video doorbells. Alternatively, you can start out with just the Audio Doorbell and pick up an Arlo smart camera at a later date to save money in the near term. Another potential drawback to this device is that it requires a smart hub, which you’ll have to purchase separately if you want it to work with Alexa.


  • Inexpensive
  • Can add-on video cameras later if you wish
  • Visitor messaging feature


  • No camera or video recording
  • Requires a hub to work with Alexa

Best without a Camera

Arlo Audio Doorbell

Just the basics

The Arlo Audio Doorbell gets you halfway toward a fully smart interactive doorbell for about half the price of its competitors.

Alexa, who’s at the door?

I’m on record as saying that a smart doorbell is one of the most useful smart home devices that you can get for your home. Whether you use it because you’re a lazy couch potato like me, or you appreciate the added safety feature of knowing who is on your property if you’re home alone, a smart doorbell is a sound investment in home security.

If you are even a casual Alexa user, then I recommend you get one of the great products from Ring like the Ring Video Doorbell 2. This device gives you full HD video, affordable storage plans, and excellent Alexa integration.

If Ring isn’t for you, there are plenty of other great smart doorbell manufacturers with products that work well with Alexa, like August, eufy, and Arlo. Regardless of your style, budget, or preference, there is bound to be a great option for you on this list.

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