Black Friday and Cyber Monday exposed Amazon’s attitude about healthcare products

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I picked up a few things over the Thanksgiving free-for-all death race that is Black Friday through Cyber Monday. The kids got some toys they had asked for (and a book for each because … just because), my wife got a little something special for putting up with me. and — of course — I got the standard array of cables and chargers and assorted consumerism that goes hand-in-hand with tech products. But what I really wanted and needed is something I had to pay full price for because Amazon never puts essential medical equipment on any sort of substantial sale.

Living on a disposable income means you cut corners. There are some things nobody should have to cut corners on.

I really hate using a walker because I am really bad at using a walker. And yes, that’s a real thing. I always get one of the legs wedged up against a door frame, and then when I lean into it, it does some sort of physics shenanigans that turn the leg from straight to bent. I am a bad walker-driver. But I need one because you can’t exactly get a wheelchair everywhere and I need a little help.

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I always tell myself I’ll buy a better one next time and then I see the price and end up buying one with a fancy American healthcare company name and Made in China stickers all over the parts and know that I’ll bust the damn thing right at the downstairs bathroom doorway like I did the last. They do make heavy-duty walkers that are made of actual steel instead of kinder-egg foil, but they can get pricey. On Black Friday, I have other things I need to do with my money, too, so paying more than I have to isn’t going to happen.

I get it. Seeing something exciting like a Pixel 3a on sale every 11 minutes on every Amazon ad on every page on the internet is something people care about a lot more than they would if it were a walker lightning deal coming in 30 minutes. I really do. But people need walkers. And crutches, and canes, and handrails, and catheters, and you get the idea. It also happens that most of the people who have those needs aren’t sitting on a pile of disposable income.

It’s fun to want things and smart to offer things people want. But what Amazon forgets about are needs.

I’m also pretty sure that only Jeff Bezos and his secret shadow deep-state government knows exactly the how, why, where, when, and what goes into getting a product on some special Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale block. It could also be the companies making and reselling medical equipment who are at fault. If you’ve ever seen brick-and-mortar pricing for healthcare items, you realize those companies are responsible for something bad.

I also do not care. Amazon’s name is on the front of the store, and to me, it seems like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Prime Day, and what-not are just another day to gouge pockets of people with needs while serving the people with wants instead.

I got my new walker and can hopefully keep from wrecking it for a while. But when I do, I know I’ll not find another good one on sale.

I hope you found what you were looking for over the shopping weekend. And I hope you end up liking it and getting plenty of use from it, no matter what it is. My daughter is going to love the duck call I got from my granddaughter, I’m sure. None of this is your fault, and nobody who needs healthcare items blames you. I just wish that someone with a suit and authority stopped for a minute to think about the things some people really need, too.

A good walker

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