Black Friday Lightning Deal: This Acer Chromebook is just $150 for the next few hours

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Chromebooks represent some of the best value in laptops around. They’re usually well-made, with great features and plenty of ports, but are priced more reasonably because they’re aimed at the education and business market. But their loss is our win, because Chromebooks are amazing for everyday use, for families with kids, or just as a second laptop to keep downstairs while you watch TV (trust me, that’s what I primarily use mine for).

The Acer Chromebook 14 is one of the best Chromebook deals available for Black Friday, with a Lightning Deal price of $149.99.

This particular Lightning Deal is for the gold version of the Chromebook, which is a subtle color that’s perfect for all ages. It also hides scratches on the aluminum frame really well, something that you can’t always say about silver laptops.

Inside the Chromebook, we have a 1.6Ghz Celeron processor and 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, also enough for anyone looking for a casual-use laptop.

But the real kicker here is the 14-inch 1080p display. While it’s not a touchscreen, it’s one of the nicest, highest-resolution displays we’ve seen at this price point, and it will make using the excellent keyboard and touchpad combo even better.

As for battery life, you can expect around 8-10 hours here, even though Acer says it can reach 12 hours — those are usually very high estimates with low screen brightness. There are also two USB-A ports along with an HDMI port for outputting to a TV or monitor.

The only caveat you need to think about is that this Chromebook was originally released in 2016, which means that it has an update expiration date of 2022. While the laptop will work great after that, it won’t receive software or security patches past that time — but for $150, you’re getting three years of outstanding productivity from this delightful Chromebook.

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