Blair Witch and its Very Good Dog Are Coming to PS4 Next Month

Every so often with game reveals, I’ll be watching a trailer for something brand new and think “huh, looks like it’d be a cool game if it had the license for [insert film here].” That’s exactly what I thought during the E3 2019 reveal for Bloober Team’s Blair Witch, and I was personally surprised to see it’d only be coming to the Xbox One and PC. That’s no longer the case: on December 3, Blair Witch will see a digital release on PlayStation 4, followed by a retail release at a later date.

A new press release promises various “gameplay and technical enhancements” along with support for “full in-game 4K” on PS4 Pro, but the real highlight of this release is news of what Bloober’s calling the “Good Boy Pack.”

See, in Blair Witch you play as an ex-cop who has a German Shepard companion named Bullet. In her review at our sister site Eurogamer, Vikki Blake calls Bullet “achingly well-realized in every way.” The “Good Boy Pack” will add customization options for Bullet—and yeah, perhaps dog dress-up doesn’t top the list for fostering immersion in a horror game, but if it helps you get through a terrifying night in the woods of Burkittsville, Maryland, then so be it.

On the PlayStation Store, Blair Witch will cost $29.99 USD. Bloober’s press release doesn’t specify a release window for the physical edition of the game or whether or not the “Good Boy Pack” will be free on the Xbox One and PC.

If you’re looking for more info on Blair Witch, check out USgamer’s guides section: there, you’ll find a roundup of trailers, info on how to unlock the bunker, and (spoilery) details on how to get the different endings in the game.

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