Blizzard Opens BlizzCon 2019 With Apology

BlizzCon opened on a more restrained note than usual this year. Rather than opening with a sizzle-real of teasers, Blizzard President J. Allen Brack took to the stage to deliver an apology for the company’s handling of Blitzchung’s suspension. 

In the first official apology for the company’s actions, Brack acknowledged that “We moved too quickly in our decision making…and to make matters worse we were too slow to talk to you.” Brack also stated that the company will do better going forward and assured the audience that “Our actions will matter more than these words.”

Brack also acknowledged the protesters stationed outside of BlizzCon and the validity of their outrage, but spoke optimistically about gaming’s ability to bring people together, citing that BlizzCon features guests from 59 different countries. 

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