Bravely Default II Info and Screenshots; Holograd Characters, Jobs, and Consecutive Battles

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Bravely Default II

Square Enix have shared new information and screenshots for upcoming JRPG Bravely Default II, including Holograd, characters, and Jobs.

As we previously reported information about the kingdoms of Savalon and Wisewold have been released [12]; along with Raimdall, and the Asterisk Holders across the world.

Game Watch (translation: DeepL, adjusted)have now reported on the new information from the game’s official Japanese website (translation: DeepL, adjusted), which includes locationsjobs, and characters. This focuses on the Kingdom of Holograd, along with screenshots by Game Watch.


World and Characters

Holograd is a military state, which was originally many tribes fighting in a barren wasteland. 300 years prior, a hero brought the tribes together, and has been annexing neighboring nations ever since.

Adamus Holograd is the descendant of that hero, and the “King of War” of Holograd. He is the holder of the “magic/cursed swordsman” Asterisk (魔剣士), but this may be translated as Spell Fencer to align with past entries.  Adamus holds the belief that there will be world peace once the strong rule.

Madoc Lonsdale is Holograde’s general, and a former mercenary who fought alongside Sloan. While loyal to Adamus, he has his doubts over his idelology. He is the holder of the Judgement Asterisk.

Mora is one of Adamus’ subordinates, and the holder of the Phantom Asterisk. A master of disguise, even when pretending to be someone of a different age or gender. She also has feelings for Adamus, and would give everything to serve him.

Another subordinate is Vizine Isaac; the holder of the Arcanist Asterisk (this is also the title used for “魔人” in past games). Claiming to have mastered the magic of death, he holds a grudge against Elvis’ former mentor Emma, after he lost to her in a match.



How each of the new Asterisk’s jobs handle was also explained. The Magic Swordsman seems to combine elements of the Spell Fencer and Dark Knight, where the user can add attributes to their weapon, but also use skills that risk their own life.

Judgement has great offense and defense; being a tank that can erect barriers on allies, or nullify the next source of damage they would take.  Phantoms are “The Fastest Blade,” using twin daggers, high evasion, and “an overwhelming number of moves.” Finally, Arcanists specialize in powerful magic. So powerful that it can even harm allies if you are not careful!


Counters and Jammers

As some have noticed in the Final Demo, some enemies will unleash an attack when skills from a certain jobs are used. Enemies can possess Counters (for attacks) and Jammers (for other skills), that react under certain conditions.


Consecutive Battles

When players fight a group of monsters, there is a chance nearby monsters will also join in the fight. These are called consecutive battles. Again, those who have played the Final Demo may have experienced this.

After clearing the battle, a new group of enemies will appear; all while the player’s current HP, MP, BP, and status effects are still in effect. Clearing consecutive battles can net you more Job Points, leveling up a Job quicker and earning new skills and abilities. Players can also find items to encourage consecutive battles against specific types of enemies (such as beasts or undead).


Bravely Default II launches February 26th, 2021.

Prime Benefit Spotlight: Free games and in-game content

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