Bravely Default II Info and Screenshots; Raimdall Characters, and Jobs

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Bravely Default II

Square Enix have shared new information and screenshots for upcoming JRPG Bravely Default II, including Raimdall, characters, and Jobs.

As we previously reported, information about the kingdoms of Savalon and Wisewold have been released [1, 2], along with Asterisk Holders.

4Gamer (translation: DeepL, adjusted)have now reported on the new information from the game’s official Japanese website (translation: DeepL, adjusted), which includes locationsjobs, and characters. This focuses on the Kingdom of Raimdall, along with screenshots by 4Gamer.


World and Characters

Known as The Land of Deep Snow, Raimdall is a nation that follows the Orthodox Church of Raimdall, who believe the land was saved by a dragon 1000 years ago. Despite its title, the land has begun to warm a little in recent times.

The people’s faith is quite serious, as the Dragoon Asterisk holder Martha Lancer guards the Dragon Cave where the divine dragon is said to dwell. The lancer family have been guardians of the cave for generations.

It seems this belief in the dragon extends to beyond the humans living in Raimdall. A small creature known as Gorhamel approaches the party, claiming it is the child of the divine dragon. Adel seems to have met it before.

Returning to the humans, Gladys Kelly is the holder of the Swordmaster Asterisk, and monk of the Orthodox Church of Raimdall. She works alongside inquisitor Helio to track down faries who are tricking people, and other inquisition duties. As her parents were killed by faries, she is seeking revenge against them all.

Helio is also the holder of the Priest asterisk, fitting as he is the High Priest of the Orthodox Church of Raimdall. The reason for the hunt against faries is due to their ability to disguise themselves as humans. Helio hands out judgement to those the inquisition feel are harming the people.

Domovoi is the head of the Church, well respected by the people, and holder of the Oracle Asterisk. He says his words are those of the Divine Dragon, and that the typically cold land has begun to warm is proof of his faith.

Grand Boose is the holder of the Salve-Maker Asterisk, and mayor of the nearby Enderno village. He seeks out Moonlight Night Grass to help his younger brother Glynn. The latter has been sleeping out of grief of his dead wife.



How each of the new Asterisk’s jobs handle was also explained. The Dragoon keeps up the Final Fantasy tradition of wielding a spear well, and can jump high into the air before crashing down. The Swordmaster is able to counterattack when struck, and perform follow-up attacks thanks to special stances.

The Priest can use spirits to dispel negative effects and provide recovery. Meanwhile the Oracle can manipulate reality, letting them change a foe’s speed and other attributes. Finally the Salve-Maker can draw out the power of tools and items by combining them.


Bind & Divide

Finally, the Bind and Divide minigame was revealed. Along with sub-quests and other activities, players can partake in the Exilcant continent’s hottest card game. Players build a deck of six cards (made up of monsters, jobs, and characters) and use their special effects to dominate a battlefield.

Players can challenge certain NPCs to the game, and the winner is the player who controls the most territory at the end of the game. You can seize enemy territory if it is sandwiched between yours. Among the various effects cards have, Jobs specifically can strengthen or weaken monsters of certain races.

Players earn points for winning, which can then be spent on getting cards your opponent has. Those who beat the Final Demo can get an early taste of this minigame.


Bravely Default II launches February 26th, 2021.

Prime Benefit Spotlight: Free games and in-game content

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