Bungie Pleads With Idlers in New Destiny 2 Patch Notes: “Seriously, Just Play the Game”

After some brief maintenance, Destiny 2 is back with a new update kicking off 2019’s spooky Festival of the Lost event. The 2.6.1 patch is pretty wide-ranging, addressing everything from balance changes to accessibility options, but the most interesting change comes with an exasperated request: Bungie wants people to just, y’know, play the darn game.

Buried in a huge list of changes to “investment” in Destiny 2 (basically, anything to do with loot, vendors, and rewards), Bungie’s patch notes point out that the 2.6.1 update increases idle protections across numerous PvE playlists. That’s followed by four not-so-technical bullet points:

  • Play the game, get rewards
  • Seriously, just play the game
  • Don’t leave your team hanging
  • It’s not very nice

Idle protections exist to discourage players who join multiplayer activities, put down the controller, and hope to reap the rewards and loot without expending any effort. It’s gotten to be a bit of a problem in Destiny 2 of late, to the chagrin of both hardworking players and, evidently, Bungie. The snarky patch notes have not escaped the notice of thankful players on the Destiny subreddit.

The 2.6.1 patch also introduces some nerfs for Striker Titans and Dawnblade Warlocks, tweaks a few classes and Exotic items, adds lore pages for items from Shadowkeep’s Garden of Salvation raid, and fixes dozens of other issues large and small.

On top of the disgruntled address to idlers and all these changes, Bungie has also added brand-new accessibility options for Destiny 2’s subtitles. These are really impressive: you can see a video of the settings in action in Bungie’s latest weekly update, and they consider everything from size (“extra large” is no joke) to letting you fine-tune the opacity of the text’s background.

We’re still in Destiny 2’s first season of content following the launch of Shadowkeep and the New Light update, which made Destiny 2’s first year of content free-to-play. To get up to speed with everything a good, never-idling Guardian should know, keep an eye on USG’s Destiny 2 guides section.

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