Bungie says it’s been “too hard” on Destiny 2’s Hunters

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Over Destiny 2‘s lifespan, its Hunters have been much-maligned – sometimes by the developer Bungie itself. Now, the studio has admitted it has treated the class harshly.

“I just had a conversation with a journalist who asked me why I hate Hunters,” Bungie’s community manager David ‘DeeJ’ Dague says on Twitter. “It could be that, in the interest of provoking some good fun and friendly rivalries, I may have been too hard on our caped friends. In the spirit of The Dawning, I want you to know that I love you all.”

Dague has a history of insulting Hunters, including one time he playfully advised mothers “don’t let your babies grow up to be Hunters” and another where he simply stated, “Hunters are the worst“. In a stunning coincidence, we sent our own Iain Harris to talk to Bungie today, and he said he had a bone to pick about Dague’s previous Hunter comments. I have not heard from Iain since. (Hopefully the interview is still intact.)

Hunters are one of Destiny 2’s three classes. They specialise in agility and stealth, among other skills. They tend to rely more on speed and movement than heavy weaponry or armour.

Though, uh, DeeJ also has some more backhanded compliments to share.

If only DeeJ had read our Destiny 2 class guide, he might not have struggled with Hunters so much.

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