Cadence of Hyrule’s New Update Adds a Campaign For the Bad Guy

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2019’s been a solid year for fans of The Legend of Zelda: on top of a Breath of the Wild sequel announcement and the remake of Link’s Awakening, Brace Yourself Games teamed up with Nintendo on Cadence of Hyrule, a Switch exclusive crossover game with Crypt of the NecroDancer. As a final cherry on top for the Year in Zelda, there’s a new free update out for Cadence of Hyrule that adds a new campaign, playable character, and a handful of other new features.

The new campaign, Octavo’s Ode, stars its titular evil musician as the playable character. In order to play the Octavo’s Ode storyline, you need to have completed Cadence of Hyrule’s main campaign at least once. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’ve finished with Link, Zelda, Cadence, or the secret unlockable character. So long as you’ve finished Cadence of Hyrule once, you’re good to go as Octavo.

Brace Yourself has also added features outside of Octavo’s Ode in the update. A new Dungeon Mode brings the Cadence of Hyrule experience closer to the original NecroDancer’s challenging roguelike gameplay, mysterious shrines have been added to dungeons, and the level generation possibilities have been expanded in both dungeons and the overworld.

In USgamer’s review, Nadia said that though the random elements and difficulty options extend Cadence of Hyrule’s replayability, new character and story DLC would be much-appreciated. It’s neat to see Brace Yourself follow through with exactly that for the low, low price of free—hopefully more of Nintendo’s in-house titles hop to Cadence’s update tune in the future.

If you’re just picking up Cadence of Hyrule now, USG’s guide section can help you hop through the main campaign and onto Octavo’s Ode in a timely, on-beat fashion.

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