Call of Duty: Mobile Downloads Break Records

The numbers for Call of Duty: Mobile downloads have come in and they’re pretty impressive. In fact, they’re just about the best that a gaming company could have hoped for — Activision has smashed the records and created the best mobile game launch to date.

Superdata reports that Call of Duty: Mobile downloads have surpassed 100 million copies in its first week. That outpaces the next-nearest competition by more than 300% (PUBG Mobile at 28 million downloads) and is nearly five times that of Fortnite’s first week (22.5 million downloads).

iOS Leads Call of Duty: Mobile Downloads, Spending Also Sets Records

Perhaps surprisingly, iOS was the leader for CoD Mobile downloads. 56.39 million game downloads were for iOS devices, whereas Android only accounted for 45.3 million installs.

17.3 million (16.9%) of the downloads were in the United States, with India taking second place at 13.7 million downloads (13.4%) and Brazil in third place with 7.1 million downloads (7%).

Player spending also beat out the next-nearest competition; Call of Duty: Mobile brought in $17.7 in its first week. That might sound like a lot of money, but it works out to an average of $0.17 per download, showing just how razor-thin the per-user revenue stream can be. $9.1 million (53%) of the money came in from Apple, with the remaining $8.3 million coming in from Android users.

It’s clear that Call of Duty: Mobile has been a success in its first week. Whether or not they can sustain this revenue in the long term is another matter, but it’s clear that the Call of Duty games have made a place for themselves on mobile devices.

What do you think of the first week’s Call of Duty: Mobile downloads? Do you think that Activision will be able to maintain this momentum in the long term? Let us know in the comments below!

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