Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Is Scrapping a System Its Namesake Pioneered Over a Decade Ago

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This year’s Call of Duty looks to keep reinventing the series, and today another long-running feature has been cut. Infinity Ward announced today that there will be no Prestige restarts in Modern Warfare, but a new system of seasonal ranks that won’t reset your progress with each loop.

On Activision’s blog, the team details the new changes. You’ll still level up with XP after each match in Multiplayer or Spec Ops, gaining new loadouts and slots, and working up toward Major V or Rank 55.

Once you reach an Enlisted Rank of 55, you’ll progress into a new Officer Rank system. Instead of resetting to level one and re-earning all your equipment, the Officer Ranks will be a seasonal ranking system with 100 ranks and special rewards. These ranks will also have a special set of rewards, like Emblems and ribbons, as well as cosmetic Weapon Blueprints.

There are even more ways to do Challenges and other activities to unlock neat stuff for your Operator in Modern Warfare, but the focus seems to be on seasonal advances over the continual reset of Prestige. Officer Rank resets won’t change your Enlisted Rank, so throughout the seasons you’ll still retain all the loadouts and weapons you’ve earned up to that point.

Activision and Infinity Ward seem set on avoiding past models of player retention, both in shifting Prestige to a seasonal progression and ditching loot boxes in favor of a Battle Pass system. With the new Call of Duty planning to keep all gameplay content free in lieu of a season pass, it seems like this new Modern Warfare really is reinventing the rules. Whether this progression model sticks and keeps players occupied for the year to come will be interesting to see.

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