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The campaign and multiplayer may be remembered as the hallmarks of the Modern Warfare series, but there was an additional mode that became its third calling card: Spec Ops. Today, Infinity Ward revealed the full extent of what the new Modern Warfare’s Special Ops mode would entail, including multi-tiered missions, kill streaks, and what exactly is in the PS4 mode.

A blog post on the Acitvision site runs down exactly how these new Spec Ops missions will work. Dubbed “Operations,” these interconnected missions will span several maps and develop a story their own for four-player squads. Four multi-stage Operations are included at launch, and each will have several objectives and means of completing them, with the enemy responding to your approach.

Fortunately, you’re not only a crack team of special forces operatives, but you have kill streaks on your side. Dubbed “Munitions” in this mode, you can select your streaks upfront and they’ll be scattered across the Operations map for you to pick up at your discretion. Anything from UAVs to gunships are on the table. You can also choose a role from a selection of six classes: Assault, Recon, Engineer, Demolition, Medic, and Heavy, each with their own Field Upgrade and perk.

It seems like Operations will offer a much larger experience, meant for co-op groups who enjoy the sort of thing a Destiny strike provides. Granted, if you’re looking for the more “traditional” Spec Ops experience similar to games like Modern Warfare 2, it looks like Infinity Ward is adding that as well. Additional maps called Missions can be played solo or as a team of up to four players, in what Infinity Ward calls a more “curated” experience focused on weapon proficiency and rank your performance on a three-star scale.

The third mode in Spec Ops is a timed-exclusive mode for PlayStation 4 players called Special Ops Survival. It’s a cooperative survival mode for up to four players, taking place on any of three Multiplayer maps, where you fight off waves of increasingly difficult enemies. The Survival mode will be exclusive to PS4 until Oct. 1, 2020.

Considering I’m not terribly interested in that last mode, this sounds like an interesting bid from Call of Duty to rope in groups of friends to play the new co-op modes together. I’m interested to see how these Operations pan out, and what the long-term support looks like; the blog says more Operations are scheduled to launch in future updates across all platforms, so it seems like there’s a push to keep the mode alive well after folks have cleared it.

But while Modern Warfare is doing some neat new things to push the envelope, I’m just happy there will be rating-based Spec Ops missions again. We’ll see how effective the whole package is when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 25.

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