Chasm 1.070 Update Now Available for Consoles

Developer Bit Kid has released the new 1.070 update for Chasm on consoles.

The new update is now available across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PS Vita – it adds a bunch of new features including: Arcade Mode, fully customizable controls, and more.

Featured above, you can view a new trailer for the update. Here’s the full patch notes:

  • Added Arcade Mode (online leaderboards on Switch only)
  • Added translations for Spanish (Latin American), French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), and Hungarian
  • Added customizable controls
  • Added over 80 rooms for more variation (new games only)
  • Added chance for Unique and Legendary item drops with bonus stats
  • Added new shortcuts and save points (new games only)
  • Added new background graphics and polished rooms
  • Added alternate chiptune soundtrack
  • Added inventory sorting by Name, Value, and Type
  • Added checkmark for fully explored areas on map screen
  • Added 4th treasure chest room to Mines, Catacombs, Gardens and Keep areas (new games only)
  • Added option to skip game intro (requires completed game)
  • Added new items Throwing Sword, Summon Scroll, and Luck Scroll (new games only)
  • Added new profile icon for beaten games (must be resaved to take effect)
  • Added new controller button graphics
  • Adjusted area sizes and improved generation by moving a couple rooms (new games only)
  • Extended buffer for button presses during attacks for more responsiveness
  • Changed Portals to ask for destination after more than 2 unlocked
  • Improved Ladori writings with new font and translation FX
  • Increased controller rumble intensity
  • Increased mana orb acceleration
  • Various improvements and fixes to Menus and UI
  • Various tweaks to balancing, drop rates, player speed, spell upgrades, etc
  • Fixed player not cancelling out of attacks when crouched
  • Fixed spells sometimes not firing when cast just before landing on ground
  • Fixed several enemies walking off platforms
  • Fixed ending scenes counting towards exploration percentage
  • Fixed HP not refilling fully after load with HP augmenting equipment
  • Fixed several enemies detecting player through ground
  • Fixed backdashing into boss rooms and push blocks
  • Fixed rare crash in final boss battle with time slow potion
  • Fixed rare crash with enemy status effects
  • Fixed rare glitching into ground when walljumping in corners
  • Fixed crouching in spikes without taking damage
  • Fixed item descriptions sometimes overflowing box bounds
  • Fixed hit stun on crawlers
  • Fixed crusher collisions and increased speed
  • Over 20 other fixes and improvements!

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