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It seems like something is brewing related to Sonic, or at least for the music of the Sonic franchise. Sega is dropping four new remixes of songs from its classic games, including at least one from Sonic Adventure. Could it be a sign?

Announced last week, four new remixes from composer and arranger Tee Lopes are on the way. Lopes worked on the Sonic Adventure games, as well as Sonic Mania and other projects. The first dropped last Friday, and is a remix of “Welcome to Station Square” from Sonic Adventure.

It’s curious, and even more so when you note who’s accompanying Lopes on the track: Jun Senoue, sound director of the Sonic Adventure series. It starts off jaunty and light-hearted, before delving into some wild production about 1:40 in that feels almost Splatoon-like.

Of course, fans are already speculating this might mean a Sonic Adventure re-release or remake is on the way, but in this case, you shouldn’t get hopes high just yet. There are three more tracks on the way, and whether they build up to something or end up just being a neat gift for Sonic fans, there isn’t too much indication-right now-that anything Adventure related is on the way.

Still, though, that’d be pretty rad if it did happen. If you really want to get into the Sonic mood and need something that’s available right now, why not check out this totally normal and inconspicuous Sonic Halloween mask? Sure to make you the talk of any Halloween party you go to this year.

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