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Code Vein – Essential Starter Guide


what is happening gaiz cowboy here and
welcome to my starter guide for code
vein now in this guide we’re gonna cover
a lot of topics ranging from stat
scaling to various weapon move sets and
controls but the basic gist is that by
the time you’re done watching you should
have all the information you need to go
into this game and enjoy yourself

without being confused now there will be
some minor spoilers in the guide as
we’re gonna be scrolling through items
and armors and blood codes so you may
see some names that are you could
consider spoilers but we’re not gonna
actually be showing any spoiler type
content we won’t be showing off any
late-game weapons we won’t be showing
you any late-game areas so just to
alleviate concerns there

but anyway jumping on into it the first
and foremost thing we’re going to talk
about is leveling and building a class
code vein because this is the number one
thing I see people asking about now when
it comes to leveling up in Kota baya
you’re only leveling up your base stats
when you level as you can see here my
health goes up stamina goes up the
amount of damage I’m doing it for my
weapons increases and then my light and
dark gifts will also increase but

nothing else is going to change defenses
resistances stats scaling none of that
is impacted by leveling up now as for
your actual stats and how those are
determined it is entirely determined by
your blood code your blood code is
essentially your class and code vein but
you’re able to dynamically change on the
fly and your stats will automatically
reallocate when you do and to elaborate
on this if I played the first hundred
levels of the game as a fighter all’s

did was play this fighter I wanted to
beat stuff with swords and then at level
100 I suddenly said you know what I
think I want to be a caster now I want
to use spells just like that I’m now a
caster all of my stats have now changed
to be a caster it’s like going from 40
strength to 40 intelligence and dark
souls that fast that’s how quickly it
happened doesn’t matter that I leveled
up as a fighter all of my stats change
when I select a different blood code so

using this as our base of understanding
we are going to make a strength build so
looking at Atlas I can see Atlas has s
scaling and strength and it gets s
scaling and vitality I can hit this
button to look at the hint
I can see that you know my strength is
going to help physical attack an HP my
bit is going to help HP and physical
damage reduction so that sounds nice
so you even got a thing right here that
explains stats scaling but it’s kind of
obscure but anyway so yeah I’m gonna go
for a strength though that sounds nice
lots of Hell thoughts damage now the
first thing we’re gonna do is pick our
weapon now looking at our weapons Roccat
the great swords I can see that I get
pretty good damage on this 18:23 this
great sword I can see that I don’t meet
the requirements for that’s what that
cross means is because I don’t have any
decks this has a B index and looking
over here I can see I only have d+ and
dexterity so I can’t use that great
sword this one I could this is a Andy I
get a little bit more damage out of that
so I could put that on this one is bddd
I can see I lose some damage but it has
blood damage on it and I gain higher
defenses this is my usual go-to I can
see with this one nice hefty defenses on
it nice physical so let’s say well just
use that for now okay we’ll use that and
then for our secondary slot we’ll go
with the machete now moving on into our

blood bill we’re going to want a blood
bill that aligns with strength all right
the one I have right now isn’t a
terrible choice I can see I have a slow
mobility with my first weapon normal
with my second my drain attacks
respectable my defense is respectable if
I go to the silver garb I can see I
gained a little bit more defense my
stats scaling is gonna be the same but
I’m going to lose weapon mobility if I
go over to this guy I can see I keep the
slow normal I lose a little bit of

defense but I’m gonna gain a little bit
of drain attack and the point I’m trying
to make here is that your armor your
blood blood bill is only going to
determine your armor stats and what I
mean by this is you know we’re using the
great sword right now it’s 1705 damage
right and that is with a c-plus strength
scaling blood now if I put on let’s find
some here we go this has e
he’s scaling 1705 same exact damage so
the basic gist here that I’m trying to

get across is when it comes to what it
says here for stat scaling on your
weapons you want to match that up to
your blood code but the stats on your
weapon and all the values you see on
your weapons are only going to impact
your weapon weapon and then the defense
you have while using that weapon whereas
your blood veil your blood bail is only
going to impact your defense and your
drain attack so when it comes to picking
a weapon and a blood bill that you want
to use the only thing that is going to
have any cohesion between them is going
to be defense which is impacted by both
of them and the mobility of your weapon
which is impacted by both of them but in
terms of your gift scaling and your

drained attack that’s purely determined
by your blood bail and then in terms of
status effects and your roll attack
damage as well as drain rating that’s
purely determined by your weapon now
moving on from there let’s talk about
the actual move sense now with weapons
you have your basic attack which is just
hitting is pretty straightforward you
can just rotate through it your regular
Y attack is gonna be your heavy and you
can also charge this to do more damage
in addition some weapons have a special
heavy attack

let’s see this thing here does a big old
energy release outside of that a is
related it’s draining and you have to
hold down a hay to drink raining is also
going to be dependent on your blood Vale
something like the claw ball is gonna
have a rush forward whereas
alternatively if I were to use a stinger
type 1c I’m launching it on how and
using your charge drain you’ll notice
that down in the bottom corner I see a
little plus 2 popping on up and that
means that my total Iker count has
increased by 2 from doing that attack I
only have 10 hiker right now but I can

go up to 18 and that will persist until
you go ahead and rest at a mystile now
moving on from there there are a couple
other attacks that aren’t explained all
that well we have rolling attacks which
are all pretty straightforward we have
dashing attacks which happen by a
holding the right bumper and attacking
if you’re stationary you hit right
bumper and like you’ll have an alternate
attack as you can see with this it’s
like a retreating slash with the machete
it’s a jumping slash switching up to a

different grade sword here using the so
I hander I can see I have a thrust
attack with it but so you have that
using your right bumper and X or light
attack using right bumper and heavy
attack will do a launch attack now the
thing with launch attacks is you can do
this move at any time but ideally you
only want to do this when you have focus
now focus is generated through combat
whether you’re dodging or taking damage
you’ll notice a little blue bar that

shows up and when that blue bar builds
up all the way in a procs focus is
active while focus is active you can go
into a launch attack and you will knock
the monster up and it automatically do a
follow up with your veil doing big
damage to the monster and draining it of
besides that you have backstab attacks
which are just you know walking behind
something and hitting X and then you
have parries which are performed by
hitting the left trigger and peering an

which point you get a follow-up aside
from that we also have drain attacks
which happened by attacking and then
hitting the right bumper and a now some
drain attacks are really nice like what
the claw here it’s nice and fast other
drain attacks not so much using
something like an IV type for example
you can see it’s a much longer animation
to get that on/off so in general if

you’re gonna be doing a lot of drain
attacks I like either the hounds I think
work very well you know hound type
I think the claw works very well but I
think spear and IV aren’t all that ideal
I mean you can do them at any time the
thing is there much longer animations
and another thing to note is that doing
a charge stream or doing a back step or
a parry or a launch will add two to your

Iker so you notice down I get plus two
or has regardless of what you’re doing
doing a drain attack will always only
add one to your Eiger and that’s because
that’s why ultimately I don’t recommend
using your drain attacks with the slower
blood bales because you know right here
I’m hitting faster than I was with my
great sword with IV that’s hitting
roughly slower than I am with my great
sword and that’s saying something now
moving on from there let’s talk a little
bit about gifts and how those work now
as you play the game each different code
has access to yes looking at fighter
here I can see a little twinkle on
everything and that means that I have
inherited that gift and I can now use
that gift on any other blood code that I
play as to inherit something you need to
keep playing with that class and using
that ability until it levels on up the

higher your overall level your actual
player level that you are the longer
it’s going to take to master those
skills however you can use awakened
items in addition to haze to just
purchase them outright so you can use
them for other classes and this is where
the real end game of code vein comes in
you have all these these different
classes and you can essentially pull
skills from various classes and make
and match to make a class that
ultimately really fits what you’re
trying to do looking through a couple
abilities I can see that some stuff says
tree light and that means that it’s

going to be impacted by that where it
says gifts light right there that’s
what’s going to impact my stuff that
says tree light anything that says dark
on the other hand taking a look at a
mage here you can see this is tree dark
that’s going to be impact by dark I can
also see the required stats I have for
that the hiker calls to cool down and
all that stuff but the basic gist is
that anything that is going to be

offensive damaging magic is usually
going to align itself with dark anything
that’s a status is usually going to
align itself with dark or as more
utility type magic or buff magic is


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