Cosmic Horror and Fleshy Nightmare Post-Apocalyptic RPG “Death Trash” Set for Early 2020 Release

Indie developer Crafting Legends has announced a release window for Death Trash.

The 2016-announced post-apocalyptic, cosmic horror and fleshy-tentacle filled RPG is launching for Windows PC (via Steam Early Access) in early 2020. Featured above, you can view a new trailer for the game.

Console versions are planned for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch sometime later (and other PC storefronts) when the full release comes.

Here’s a rundown on the game:

A post-apocalyptic world where cosmic horrors crave humanity but meet punks with shotguns. Influenced by cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic classics, science fiction, horror and grotesque dark fantasy.

Death Trash is a semi open-world role-playing game with handcrafted levels and a grotesque story campaign.

The game features realtime gameplay with ranged and melee combat, stealth, multiple choice dialogue, an inventory full of items and Fleshworms, a crafting system and social skills like pickpocketing and puking.

Travel through the gritty post-apocalyptic wasteland by world map and explore hand-painted organic locations. Meet exciting characters: Talk to the Fleshkraken, visit the Puke Bar or pickpocket stuff from that old naked guy.

Customize your own character through stats and making choices. Experience the story and discover side quests. Fight against machines and larger-than-life monsters—or become their friend.

The game contains many features supporting player freedom:

  • Manual save games
  • Dialogue can be left anytime
  • Kill everyone or…
  • Hardly kill anyone!

Humankind traveled to the stars and settled on the planet Nexus with its ancient secrets of stone and flesh. The machines were installed as protectors, but they were corrupted and brought terror.

You are a raider among the ruins of the past.
But fate might lead you to the Bleeding Head Oracle, the Evergrowing Heart and towards a war with the machines, giving you the power to mend or destroy.

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