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Crafty Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Player Eliminates Entire Army with a Cinderblock

The new Call of Duty is here, and as you’d expect, it has many guns: loud guns, flashy guns, and ones with silencers that make the quintessential “pew-pew” noise. But one player has turned to masonry, rather than gunpowder, to enact his vengeance, and it has comically effective results.

Fairly early on in the campaign, you take on the role of a CIA agent trying to set off a distraction with freedom fighter leader Farrah Karim. You spend most of the mission hiding in plain sight, keeping your guns hidden and blending in. It’s a neat break from Call of Duty’s normal shooty bang-bang gameplay, especially after the preceding level’s sound and fury in Piccadilly.

But Reddit user /u/kahchow was having none of that. Rather than sneak by the guards, he decides to eliminate what seems like an entire army of men, using the mighty concrete block. You’re handed one early in the mission and even given a scripted segment where you can kill one guard with it; later on, our steely CoD player fires off a shot to lure in nearby guards and dispatches them en masse, bonking them on the head as they round the corner.

It’s a feat of ingenuity and sheer grit that should go down in the history books. Even Farrah applauds kahchow’s handiwork over the radio, as a mountain of guards lie piled up in the narrow hallway. They seem like they’ve taken notes from Agent 47 on how to turn everyday objects into instruments of gratuitous annihilation.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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